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Uncontested Divorce with Children

Uncontested divorce with children involves many legal issues that need proper conduct. It consists of filing a variety of paperwork to ensure appropriate compensation to both the spouses and security to the children.

Many times, a distressed couple prefers to have an uncontested divorce. It is favorable to them as they mutually decide to legally separate. When a distressed couple opt for an uncontested divorce, managing all sorts of legal matters becomes possible in a genial manner. For example, child custody, child support, and child visit. An uncontested divorce with children proves more beneficial as the issues involved with children are handled professionally.

An uncontested divorce with children comprise of many benefits as well as certain disadvantages that need to be considered. It is very important to understand the entire divorce process and review all the possible decisions to benefit the children. To study the consequences of an uncontested divorce with children, a prior research can be conducted by the couple who seek divorce. Accordingly, it helps the divorce applicant to know whether it is the right alternative for dissolution of marriage or not.

What does an Uncontested Divorce with Children contain?

An uncontested divorce with children contains a specific paperwork that need to be filed through a proper channel. It contains special clauses for child care, child support, financial support, child custody and child visits. Rules and regulations for these issues are easily accessible via forms and documents which can be taken from the internet. These can be downloaded and filed properly and supported with all the necessary documents as per the requirements of a case. When a couple jointly agrees on child related issues, it helps them to achieve a quick and inexpensive divorce and satisfies them equally.

Benefits of Uncontested Divorce with Children:

  • Uncontested divorce with children is handled through paperwork that helps to maintain privacy of the case
  • It is inexpensive as compared to other forms of divorce as both the spouses mutually agree on most of the issues involved in the divorce
  • It helps fast dissolution of marriage as less time is spent in the court and with the lawyers
  • An uncontested divorce prevents involvement of more people and thus reduces conflicts among the spouse who seek legal separation
  • An uncontested divorce with children gives the parents a chance to show their children that they can still work together by putting their children's wellbeing first.
  • When children are involved in uncontested divorce, intervention of third party comes into picture to decide the claims for the best interest of child custody and child support

Disadvantages in uncontested divorce with children:

An uncontested divorce with children posses certain disadvantages when there are tricky situations like child disability or prolonged illness of the child. Such kind of dependent children need additional care and require significant financial aid. At this point, it is the duty of the spouses to jointly resolve child custody issues. But if the partners are unwilling to work together, it becomes difficult to sort the matter.

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