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Uncontested divorce in Washington

Uncontested divorce in Washington is a negotiated and cordial divorce. Actually, the phrase ‘uncontested divorce’ does not have any legal meaning in Washington State. It is the simple clarification of a dissolution act that is not challenged by other spouse.

In reality, a divorce is a painful thing where lots of issues need proper and fair handling. Thus most troubled couple looks for an uncontested divorce. There are mainly two ways to get an uncontested divorce in Washington. Either both the spouses can openly agree or sign a petition for dissolution that will indicate that both the spouses are in agreement.

Washington State permits a no-fault divorce that is based on permanent split-up of a marriage. Here, the spouse files a petition and the respondent has to answer it. All the legal actions and issues are looked after by the Supreme Court.

A Washington state uncontested divorce is simple and less expensive for dissolution of marriage. It involves effective communication to avoid emotions and mental turmoil. Washington State uncontested divorce petition should contain the following things.

  • Date and place of marriage
  • Date of separation
  • A statement on whether or not the wife is pregnant
  • A parenting plan
  • A report on the disposal of common property
  • A statement about required reliefs.

It is necessary for a divorce applicant to be a resident of Washington or a member of the armed forces stationed in the State. For Washington State uncontested divorce, both the spouses sit down and mutually agree on all the involved issues and legal aspect. If this is practiced from the beginning of a divorce, it helps both the spouses to get the divorce fast. It proves beneficial as there is not much involvement of courts.

A fixed period of about ninety days is allotted before the filing of divorce petition. Meanwhile, the partner who is accountable to answer can change his/her mind. Thus, it becomes contested. It can be avoided if both the spouses enter into a property settlement agreement. This binds them to all the terms and conditions to which they have previously agreed.

Grounds for uncontested divorce in Washington State:

The grounds for a legal separation are different as compared to those that are required for an absolute divorce. These are as follows:

  • Mutual and voluntary separation
  • Separation for one year

It is necessary to properly respond each and every petition filed against both the spouses. Usually, ninety day reconciliation is involved when the respondent is served with a copy of the petition. If he/she does not respond, the action is uncontested and ends by default. During this period, the petitioner should ask the county clerk to place the case on default docket.

Washington State uncontested divorce involves no judge and gives you the power to end your marriage the way you want. It makes you responsible for your life and lets you choose to move forward as per your wish. That’s why many distressed couple goes for uncontested divorce in Washington.

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