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Uncontested divorce in Tennessee

Uncontested divorce in Tennessee requires a statutory waiting period of about 60 days after filing a request for divorce. This request has to be based irreconcilable differences if there are no unmarried minor children. If the couple has unmarried minor children, then the waiting period is of 90 days.

To file Tennessee uncontested divorce, both the spouses must be willing to sign a marital dissolution agreement, form 400. It specifies the terms of the divorce that has to be willingly fulfilled by both the troubled couple. If it is complex, intervention of a mediator proves helpful to reach agreements.

Tennessee uncontested divorce process requires grounds to fulfill the criterion to file a divorce petition. It is very important to meet the residency requirement to request divorce in Tennessee. Either one of the spouse must have been a state inhabitant for previous six months.

What is the process to get an uncontested divorced in Tennessee?

When the fault grounds are appealed, there is no need to have any statutory waiting period. Irreconcilable differences make it easy to process an uncontested divorce in Tennessee. First file a divorce petition with the court. Then organize and sign marriage termination contract. If there are minor children, arrange a permanent parenting plan. Attend all the hearings in court to find out if the contract meets Tennessee Law. The final divorce decree is issued only if the judge agrees it.

Fault grounds to seek Tennessee uncontested divorce:

  • Impotence
  • Adultery
  • Conviction of a felony and imprisonment
  • Alcoholism and/or drug addiction
  • An already pregnant wife at the time of marriage without husbandís knowledge
  • Willful desertion for a year
  • Bigamy
  • Endangering the life of a spouse
  • Conviction of an infamous crime
  • Rejection to relocate to the state with a spouse and deliberately keeping away the spouse or self from a new residence for two years
  • Cruel and inhuman treatment and improper marital conduct
  • Indignities that make the spouseís life intolerable
  • Abandonment, neglect and banning the spouse from the home.

Tennessee is a place that allows an uncomplicated divorce where the spouses sign a notarized marital settlement agreement. It must refer to the action by the court name and the docket number. It is necessary to affirm that the respondent is conscious about the divorce that it will be filed in Tennessee. Moreover, state that the respondent waives service of process and waives filing an answer. Normally the waiver of service is legitimate for around 180 days after it is signed. It comprises a common appearance by the respondent. When children are there, it takes approximately 60 days and 90 days when there are minor children.

A contested divorce is very complex and full of all sorts of complications. Instead, an applicant can easily split-up if he/she goes for an uncontested divorce. It involves mutual agreement of all the legal issues and makes the process simple, inexpensive and saves time. Moreover, filing proper forms helps to avoid challenging dispute allegations. Hence most of the troubled spouses who seek legal separation go for an uncontested divorce in Tennessee.

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