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Uncontested Divorce in South Carolina

Uncontested divorce in South Carolina helps a distressed couple as it ensures a fast and uncomplicated dissolution of marriage. With the help of step-by-step guidelines, the paperwork for South Carolina uncontested divorce is filed with the clerk of family law or domestic relations court.

What is South Carolina Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorce in South Carolina is simple and painless since the spouses mutually agree on the legal issues involved in their legal separation. Here, filing of divorce is based on the ground of a one-year continuous separation from the spouse.

There should not be any issues regarding marital property and no marital debt. If any, both the spouses should reach a consensus for appropriate division of the debts and investments. If children are involved, it is very indispensable to meet at least the minimum requirements stated by the South Carolina child support guiding principles.

In legal terms, the spouse who files a divorce petition is called the ‘petitioner’, whereas the other spouse who replies to the petition is referred as the ‘respondent’. An uncontested divorce in South Carolina involves paperwork that has to be supported with the required documents. Uncontested divorce makes it straightforward and uncomplicated by means of simple, do-it-yourself procedures.

How to Get an Uncontested Divorce in South Carolina?

To get an uncontested divorce in South Carolina, it is essential for the applicant to fulfill the grounds defined by the state or the county legislation. It is possible to access all the necessary online information that gives guidelines and instructions about the steps involved in South Carolina uncontested divorce.

Usually, there are many legal things involved in the legal dissolution of marriage. It needs lot of time, expenses and a waiting period to resolve the matters. However, getting South Carolina uncontested divorce becomes easy, when both the spouses agree to the terms and claims set before the court. Sometimes, the assistance of an attorney can be hired to sort out the complexities for which there is no mutual agreement.

What are the Grounds for South Carolina Uncontested Divorce?

  • Living separate for one year
  • Infidelity
  • Alcohol or drug addiction
  • Cruelty towards spouse
  • Stubborn abandonment of the other partner for a year

What are the Requirements to File Uncontested Divorce in South Carolina?

To file for uncontested divorce in South Carolina, it is necessary for the divorce applicant to fulfill certain requirements. These are as under:

  • For uncontested divorce in South Carolina, it is essential to fulfill the residency requirements wherein, the filing partner must be a resident of the state for at least a year.
  • When both the spouses reside in the state, the applicant must be an inhabitant for three months.
  • Usually, there is a period of 90 days between the case filing and final verdict. It has to be followed by both the spouses.
  • The divorce appeal is filed either in the county where the defendant resides or in the county where the applicant resides when the defendant does not live in South Carolina and cannot be located.
  • The divorce request can also be filed in the county where the couple last lived together and both still live in South Carolina.

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