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Uncontested Divorce in North Carolina

Uncontested divorce in North Carolina is an extensive process and a costly affair. The divorce cost in North Carolina varies from $115 to $100,000 and depends upon the complexities involved in a case. But it is possible to make North Carolina uncontested divorce process easier and less expensive, if the applicant is aware of all the possible options.

A North Carolina no-fault, uncontested divorce assures straightforward legal dissolution of marriage. It is preferred by apprehensive couples who do not wish to publicize their separation and want to keep the matters private.

What is North Carolina Uncontested Divorce?

For North Carolina uncontested divorce, packages are available that covers plenty of legal things. These packages are specifically designed for couples without children and with or without property or debts. It includes information about the divorce proceedings, guidelines about the forms, instructions, checklist and access to divorce law summary of the state. The forms consist of the required application, waiver, legal separation agreement, financial statements, judgment and other documents that are required to complete the divorce.

How to get an Uncontested Divorce in North Carolina?

To get North Carolina uncontested divorce, it is essential for the couples to have lived discretely. The separate living has to be for a minimum one year before filing the divorce case. Besides, it is necessary for at least one spouse to be a resident of North Carolina State for at least six months.

What is the Role of Mediation in North Carolina Uncontested Divorce?

The average cost for a mediated divorce is less than $5,000. To file an uncontested divorce in North Carolina, meeting with a mediator helps to reduce costs. The chief district court judge of the State’s office offers free services for conciliation. Assistance of professional and well-established mediators helps the distressed couples to negotiate child custody and financial issues before they enter the court. This way, the lawyer and accountant fees automatically get reduced.

What are the Grounds for North Carolina Uncontested Divorce?

  • Leaving the spouse
  • Brutal treatment that puts in danger the life of the spouse
  • Humiliation that turns the other spouse’s condition unbearable and life burdensome.
  • Extreme alcohol or drug addiction
  • Infidelity
  • Wickedly turning the spouse away from home

What are the Steps involved in Uncontested Divorce in North Carolina?

To get North Carolina uncontested divorce, the steps involved are more or less similar to any uncontested divorce. However, it engages around three routes. Out of the three routes, each route requires forms and follows procedures that are special to it. The steps involved in North Carolina uncontested divorces are as follows:

  • At first, file the appropriate divorce court papers that mention the division of property and child custody issues.
  • The applicant must notify the respondent spouse that a divorce case has been filed.
  • Court hearings are scheduled as per the nature of the case
  • The applicant should inform the respondent spouse about the hearing date
  • All the hearings have to be attended wherein the judge signs a judgment and grants the divorce.

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