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Divorce Guide

Uncontested divorce in New York

Uncontested divorce in New York is easy to get. It is the best possible process to get divorce that helps a couple to separate amicably. Various lawyers are accessible in New York who informs the separating partners on how to file the divorce law suit.

An uncontested divorce is always a trouble-free and inexpensive way as compared to the contested divorce. All the issues between the couple concerning marriage are resolved with each other’s consent. It involves things like finances for the children, child custody, child visit, joint property, house, bank accounts, etc. An uncontested divorce speedily finishes off all the legal proceedings in one year.

Residency requirements:

One of the partners in a couple who is seeking divorce must have been a resident of New York for at least two years. This period should be preceding to the initiation of the divorce law suit. In case the duration is less then at least one year plus conditions like: either the parties were married and lived together in New York or the actions that gave rise to the divorce occurred in New York has to be there.

Grounds for uncontested divorce in New York:

Reasons and grounds for every state differ as per the laws, rules, regulations and state policies. In New York State, a person must have prominent grounds to obtain divorce. In fact, it is one of the few states where fault is given weightage.

In most of the cases, people look for separation as they no longer want to be married or simply have irreconcilable differences. Such accusations are not enough to file a divorce claim. The grounds in New York State are as under:

  • Nasty and ruthless treatment
  • Complete neglect of duties and responsibilities
  • Infidelity
  • Living singly if one of the partners has been imprisoned for three or more years Compliance with the terms of separation agreement
  • Protecting your rights

Legal termination of marriage is generally not easy and require at-least a year or so. Uncontested divorce reduces the needless tension and helps to achieve cordiality. In New York, spouses choose to have their lawyer’s draft an inclusive separation agreement based on mutual decisions. The Court mediates on behalf of the partners and gives a verdict.

Uncontested Divorce forms for New York

The New York State Unified Court System supplies free instruction booklets on divorce. People can directly obtain the forms from here to start the divorce proceedings. Information and divorce forms are easily available in New York for both contested and uncontested divorce. Different types of forms are available for example: Without children under 21 and with children under 21 category. Accordingly, the forms are to be applied.

Assistance from New York State Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service is available on toll free numbers. Collaborative family law center can be visited to find out the eligibility for fee concession or free collaborative law services by a court support pilot plan. Self represented forms can also be availed.

On the whole an uncontested divorce works positively due to the benefits that it gives. It helps to resolve all the marriage related issues through clever conciliation that normally does not require any trial. An uncontested divorce in New York is guaranteed and safeguards your interests and protects the rights of children.

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