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Uncontested divorce in Nevada

An uncontested divorce in Nevada has its own set of rules and regulations. For a Nevada uncontested divorce, fulfilling the residency requirements is a must. Also the grounds of the divorce have been clearly defined by the courts of Nevada. So to successfully file for it, an applicant must meet all the requirements imposed by laws of the State.

Uncontested Divorce:

In an uncontested divorce both parties agree on all important issues of a divorce. These issues may be child care, alimony or division of marital property. The party filing for divorce is known as plaintiff and the respondent party is known as defendant. The solution devised may not be amicable. Yet both the parties accept it unconditionally. An uncontested divorce is a better option for many reasons. Since such a divorce is swift, it is not frustrating for the couple. Also it is cheaper than a contested one.

Nevada State laws on uncontested divorce:

A divorce is uncontested in Nevada when both parties file for divorce together in the court. Also if one of the parties files for divorce and other chooses not to participate in the proceedings. Before filing an uncontested Nevada divorce make sure that the following conditions are met.

  • Either of the spouses is a resident of Nevada for at least six weeks.
  • The divorcing couple is incompatible and living apart for a year or more.
  • The couple has no minor children or expecting a child.
  • An agreement on the custody and support of their minor children has been reached.
  • The terms on division of assets and marital property has been negotiated.

If all such disputes have been negotiated with then the court proceedings will not only be simple but also cheap. Either both the parties can hire an attorney to represent them in court. It can also be done if either of them opts for representation.

The requirements and grounds for granting divorce:

The residential requirements for uncontested Nevada divorce are not very strict. A minimum stay of six weeks is mandatory to file for a divorce in Nevada. The application can be filed in the county where:

  • Either of the party stays.
  • Both the parties stayed together last.
  • The cause of the divorce happened.
  • The party filing the divorce lived for at least six weeks.

Grounds for granting divorce to a couple are also very clear. Uncontested divorce in Nevada is a “no-fault” case. A no fault divorce means either the couple are incompatible or living separately for at least a year. In such a divorce none of the parties are blamed for the divorce. There are no such issues such as domestic abuse or adultery.

The above information provided should shed light on all the aspects of an uncontested Nevada divorce. If a couple residing in Nevada are willing to separate without hassles and fulfill all the requirements they should benefit from this article.

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