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Uncontested divorce in Las Vegas

Uncontested divorce in Las Vegas is possible for a distressed couple who want to legally terminate their marriage. It is a no-fault divorce that is cheap, easy and quick as compared to a contested divorce.

Las Vegas uncontested divorce can be filed when a couple seeking divorce meet certain grounds. For example, a divorce in Las Vegas can be filed in the county where one of the spouses resides or where the spouses last lived together. Besides, a divorce petition can be filed where the cause of the divorce happened or where the divorce applicant lived for around six weeks prior to the divorce filing.

Earlier, Las Vegas was infamous for its divorces due to lots of complexities. Nowadays, Nevada state residency requirements has made Las Vegas divorces quick by means of uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce or annulment in Vegas usually costs at least $925 if the divorce applicant qualifies for an uncontested annulment. It takes around two weeks to finish off all the legal issues involved in a divorce process.

How to file an uncontested divorce in Las Vegas:

To file for an uncontested divorce in Las Vegas, rules and regulations of Nevada State applies. It is essential for the divorce applicant to meet the residency requirements of Nevada State. Moreover, a six-week waiting period called as cooling-off period has to be followed after filing the divorce request.

What are the grounds for Las Vegas uncontested divorce:

  • Incompatibility
  • Living separate and apart for a year
  • Insane behavior for least two years before the filing the divorce appeals.

Requirements to file an uncontested divorce in Las Vegas:

All the actions and process related to an uncontested divorce in Las Vegas are filed in the District Court of the county. One of the spouses who file the divorce appeal is called the Plaintiff while the one who responds is called the Defendant.

Nevada State generally offers two ways to terminate a Las Vegas divorce. Either the spouses can file a joint petition under oath or by filing an affidavit of corroboration of residency by a witness.

There should not be a case of minor children and the wife should not be pregnant at the time of divorce. In case of children, the couple must have negotiated an agreement on child custody and support.

A mutual agreement of both the spouses on division of community property, assets and liabilities is a must. Sometimes, a joint preliminary injunction can be applied that directs both the spouses to dissolve the marital assets.

Why filing documents for Las Vegas uncontested divorce is necessary:

It is obligatory for Las Vegas uncontested divorce to fill the forms and documents by means of specific methods. A divorce applicant is required to sign the related forms and get them notarized. One original copy and three copies of the documents need to be submitted along with a filing fee. It can be paid in cash, money order or a local check with photo ID.

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