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Uncontested Divorce in Kansas

Uncontested divorce in Kansas is a no-fault divorce that is filed with the domestic relations or family law clerk. Most of the divorces in Kansas State are (missing word or phrase) are affordable and more peaceful as compared to other forms of divorce.

As per the legal terms, the spouse who files a divorce case is referred as the ‘petitioner’, while the other half who acts in response is known as the ‘respondent’. An uncontested divorce in Kansas is easy and trouble-free and ensures fast dissolution of marriage by means of paperwork.

What are the Grounds for Uncontested Divorce in Kansas?

An uncontested divorce in Kansas is an inexpensive, legal separation of a married couple in the State. This form of divorce is presumed to be a more peaceful form of divorce that is based on the grounds of incompatibility issues. Most of the time, there is a failure to carry out the marital duties towards the other spouse or there are other obligations. Besides, incongruity due to mental illness is also the reason that leads to file an uncontested divorce in Kansas.

When is it Possible to File an Uncontested Divorce in Kansas?

To file an uncontested divorce in Kansas, it is very necessary for either spouse to be a resident of the state for at least 60 days before filing the divorce petition. This duration may exceed if there are disagreements over matters like finances, property division, and child custody or alimony issues. For example, on average, the time required to get a trial date may range from 6 to 12 months. If there are complex issues, the period may extend while the courts are engaged with other legal matters.

What does Uncontested Divorce in Kansas Comprise?

In an uncontested divorce in Kansas, both the spouses mutually agree on almost every facet of their legal split-up. It includes issues like property and asset division, debts and taxes, liabilities, child custody, alimony, and investments. These issues need to be settled upon by both the spouses before filing a divorce petition.

What are the Steps involved in Kansas Uncontested Divorce?

  • Initially, fill all the appropriate forms that are needed to file Kansas uncontested divorce.
  • The legal forms have to be signed by either one or both parties and supported with the desired documents.
  • If both spouses have the same opinion, intervention of a judge can be asked
  • The judge regulates the entire document that has been submitted to the court
  • When children are involved, separate forms are to be filed to prove the claim for child custody and child support.
  • Filing of separation agreement and child support forms can be accessed by legal counsels to file with the divorce petition.
  • All the details regarding children can be filed in the child support worksheet that has to be filed along with a parenting plan.
  • An affidavit from the domestic relation’s clerk has to be filed that should mention the financial details of both the spouses.
  • After the submission of the entire paperwork and completion of the waiting period, the judge announces the final hearing of the case.

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