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Uncontested divorce in Georgia

Uncontested divorce in Georgia is a no-fault divorce that is based on severe breakdown of marriage. It is a rational and clear method that assures tranquil split up of an upset couple. Georgia uncontested divorce helps to cordial arrangement of all the legal issues involved in a divorce.

To file a request for Georgia State uncontested divorce, one of the spouses must be a resident of Georgia for at least six months prior to the case filing. Usually, the appeal for divorce is filed in the county of defendantís residence.

In Georgia Uncontested divorce, an unhappy couple is required to sign a marital settlement agreement. It includes official process for issues like division of property, assets, debt and child care. An applicant has to properly fill all the related matters, sign a variety of legal forms and meet the grounds.

Grounds for Georgia State uncontested divorce:

  • Inability to achieve sexual functions
  • Betrayal
  • Lock up for more than two years for crime and moral turpitude
  • Alcohol and/or drug habit
  • Imprisonment for deadly mental illness
  • Separate living because of mental illness
  • Willful break up for continuous period
  • Unkind and cruel conduct against the spouse
  • Regular drug intake
  • Consent to marriage obtained by fraud, threat or force
  • Short-term incapacity due to alcohol or drug habit
  • Pregnancy of wife by a man other than the husband, at the time of the marriage, unknown to the husband.

Child support issues in Georgia uncontested divorce:

In Georgia, issues linked to child support are broadly encouraged. However, many cases do not reach joint agreement on child support issues. In such cases, court mediates on child care issues. Child support in Georgia State is based on parentís income percentage and total number of minor children.

Alimony issues in Georgia uncontested divorce:

Divorce courts in Georgia grant stable alimony based on monetary aspects and educational background of both spouses. A variety of factors like standard of living established during marriage and length of marriage are measured. Apart from this other factors like age, physical, emotional and financial resources of both parties are also given significance. Sometimes in some cases, it is found that one of the spouses is weak and financially dependent. In such cases, sufficient time is given to him/her to acquire adequate further education or training to find correct employment.

Moreover, input of each spouse to the marriage and services given in homemaking, child care, education, and career build-up of other spouse are attentively considered.

Property distribution in uncontested divorce in Georgia:

In Georgia State, courts fairly divide property between the couple seeking divorce. There are no hard and fast rules and equality is given importance. Mostly, laws governed by state administration control all the legal issues. In some cases, state lists factors to determine distribution of other assets. It depends upon the nature of case and difficulties involved in it.

On the whole, uncontested divorce in Georgia is the quick and easy method to get a divorce. It is helpful as compared to other forms of divorce as both the troubled spouse seek an instant break up. Mutual harmony certainly proves useful to sort out the issues. For this, the applicant and the respondent have to work in response to each other to achieve a proper closure of their marriage.

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