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Uncontested Divorce in Colorado

Uncontested divorce Colorado regulations are not very different from those in other parts of the United States of America. But a couple must thoroughly understand the mandatory requirements before filing for an uncontested divorce in Colorado. These requirements are mainly residency. Since in an uncontested divorce, the couple normally drafts an agreement resolving major issues themselves. So an appearance in front of a judge is merely a formality.

Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce the separating couple has an agreement among themselves on the major issues of a divorce. This agreement is filed in the court along with the petition for dissolution of marriage. If no complexities arise then the agreement becomes the final judgment of the court. Issues that normally are to be resolved in any divorce case are child custody, division of the assets and alimony etc. The solution worked out by the couple may satisfactory to both of them. But that is not a necessity, only the couple has agreed on it unconditionally is mandatory.

Colorado State Laws on Uncontested Divorce

Colorado has a no fault policy on divorce cases. Therefore the court holds none of the two parties responsible for separation. The irretrievable damage to the marriage is only ground for divorce. In Colorado the person who files for a divorce is known as the petitioner and the person who answers the case is known as the respondent. A divorce case in Colorado is deemed uncontested when:

  • The couple files for divorce in the court together. They also file the divorce agreement with the petition for dissolution of marriage.
  • If one of the spouses files the divorce and the other chooses not to participate in the proceedings.

When the respondent files an answer and then there would be a waiver of the further notice. The marriage settlement would become the final judgment. There is a waiting period of ninety days for an uncontested divorce Colorado finalization. This period is counted from the day; the petition is filed in the court.

Requirements for Filing an Uncontested in Colorado

The following conditions are to be met before you can file uncontested divorce Colorado petition:

  • Either one or both of the separating couple should have lived in the state for at least 90 days.
  • The couple should not be expecting a child or they have minor or dependent children.
  • If the couple have children. Issues regarding financial support and custody should be resolved.
  • The terms on the division of marital property and assets have been negotiated.
  • If the parents decide to leave the state of Colorado, then the court has to assured that they will receive quality education and healthcare facilities.

If these issues are already resolved by the couple, then appearance in court would be just a formality. Since there is minimal court proceedings, divorce would be faster. Also the expenditure will not be very high. Also in such a divorce children are not badly affected.

The information provided above may make the process of filing an uncontested divorce in Colorado understandable. Also, the uncontested divorce Colorado finalization hassle free for the couples.

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