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Uncontested divorce in Alabama

Uncontested divorce in Alabama is filed with the family law or domestic relations clerk. By and large, the methods to stand for a divorce in Alabama vary as every case is different from the other. Alabama uncontested divorce supports a no-fault divorce that is based on certain grounds.

To seek Alabama uncontested divorce, it is vital for an applicant to meet the constraints given by county laws. These are: An enduring failure of the marriage, total inaptness of the spouses inhibiting further alliance and distant living for more than a year. In the absence of these, it is hard to get uncontested divorce in Alabama.

How to get an uncontested divorce in Alabama:

If one of the spouses is not a local of Alabama, then it is necessary for the applicant to be a dweller of the State. Before starting the divorce case, it is important for the claimant to have at least six months stay. Normally, a divorce request is filed in the county of the defendant; in the county of the spouseís reside at the time of parting or in the county where the claimant resides.

Grounds to obtain Alabama uncontested divorce:

  • Betrayal and Abuse
  • Living distant for more than two years with no support to wife
  • Jail for more than two years when the prison is above seven years
  • Strange sexual deeds before or after marriage
  • Alcohol habit and drug abuse
  • Jail for mental illness for five years
  • A pregnant wife by other man during marriage without husbandís knowledge
  • Lack of ability to carry marriage.

Alabama requires exact proof to support a default judgment. Support and waiver of service is allowed if the form is signed by the defendant and a reliable witness. After filing the complaint and summons, it usually takes a thirty day period for a judge to issue a final verdict.

When children are involved, a standard child support rule form and child support income affidavit needs to be filed. At times, there are little variations in the paperwork that depends on the county of divorce aspirant.

To file for an uncontested divorce in Alabama without children, the contender is required to file a complaint. Besides, an answer with waiver to agree testimony and a statement of petitioner to confirm citizenship is required. Sometimes, a data form is also desirable.

For uncontested divorce with children, a child support information sheet (CS-47), child support debt income affidavit (CS-41), child support guideline form (CS-42), child support guideline notice compliance form (CS-43), standing pre-trial order and certificates of children attendance to cope with the divorce.

Tips to get Alabama uncontested divorce:

  • If feasible, discuss all the issues before filing the paperwork.
  • Keep a periodic check on the progress of the case.
  • Keep extra copies of the divorce orders for personal records.
  • To reduce expenses, it is beneficial to jointly file the paper work.
  • To reduce the expenses, it is beneficial jointly file the paper work.
  • Just be sure that the other spouse will not contest the divorce as it may cost time and money.

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