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Simple Uncontested Divorce

A simple uncontested divorce proves favorable to a distressed couple as it ensures hassle free legal separation. It involves lawful division of marital assets as both the spouses jointly agree on most of the issues involved in their divorce process.

What is a Simple Uncontested Divorce?

A simple uncontested divorce is the easiest form of all divorces. It is indeed the most preferred method of lawful dissolution of marriage for a trouble couple. Here, both the spouses jointly agree on the terms and agreements and there is no need to go through the stressful court system. This way, both the partners get equal treatment and do not feel cheated.

How to Apply for a Simple Uncontested Divorce?

To apply for a simple uncontested divorce, the applicant is required to fill all the paperwork by self. There is no need to face court hearings as everything occurs with the consent of both the spouses. Online do-it-yourself divorce kits are easily accessible that gives instructions to file a simple uncontested divorce. Forms are also available with many local courts for a certain fee. These can be applied as per the residency requirements of an individual. In case of tricky situations, a lawyer can be hired for guidance; especially when children are involved.

Steps Involved in a Simple Uncontested Divorce:

  • An applicant is expected to contact the local county courthouse to acquire the blank paperwork required for simple uncontested divorce
  • Separate paperwork has to be filed for uncontested divorce with children and uncontested divorce without children
  • Follow the instructions to fill the forms and state information of all the debts and assets as to who will get what
  • List the name of any sort of business corporation or if the spouse owes any money
  • Reveal any business owned by self or the spouse
  • List all creditors that should include student loan and child support responsibilities, if any
  • Also mention the list of all the items that are kept or left with the other spouse including jewelry and electronics.
  • In case of uncontested divorce with children, it is essential to complete a reasonable parenting plan for child support and child custody
  • Submit the entire paperwork along with the required documents and any applicable filing fees to the local county courthouse
  • The clerk at the court will stamp it with the filing date and file the complete paperwork
  • The court gives a date to finalize the divorce process and requests a waiting period that has to be followed by both the spouses
  • It is essential to appear on the court date, where the judge may ask some simple questions to affirm the divorce
  • When the judge signs off the divorce verdict, the divorce gets finalized

From the advantages and simple measures involved in a simple uncontested divorce, it could be concluded that it is the least complicated. It is helpful to a troubled couple as compared to other forms of divorce and assures successful completion of the divorce process in a considerably less duration.

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