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Divorce Guide

Relationships after divorce

Relationships after divorce and its management are not easy as freedom does come with responsibility. In fact the responsibility increases more if the separating couple has kids to look after. Issues like insecurity, emotional loss, financial dependence, investments, lifestyle, property, upbringing kids and career aspirations can cause mental imbalance. Thus, a need for different approach comes into picture to manage the differences & loneliness post divorce.

Post divorce relationships and changes can be handled with maturity. Also the settlements of legal dues are to be settled to maintain decorum with children, ex-in-laws and the ex-spouse as well. Apart from this, things like single parenting, financial dependence, rebound relationships, dating a new partner, etc that alters the social life and self-esteem of an individual require adjustments.

How to tackle single parenting?

Co-parenting is welcomed when both the separating partners work together for the sake of their children. If not, single parenting remains the only option and becomes a more responsible task. Also facts like presence of a new dating partner, step children, expenses on education, diet and upbringing of kids has to be taken into consideration.

The financial aspect can be taken care of by means of alimony which is paid by the financially stronger individual to the dependent one. But as legal regulations and laws regarding this differ as per the nationality, state and religion; it is expected to make its fair use for living. In case of joint property or mutual belongings, intervention of appropriate legal assistance is desired. Hence it is advised to carefully study the laws and clause to get the reasonable monetary benefits to maintain life status.

Managing emotional loss:

Post divorce, experiencing negative emotions and loneliness is bound to happen; so a person must move forward in life with a positive approach. An individual must be prepared, especially when the ex-spouse starts dating again. Practical approach towards life helps to face the changes in a better way. An individual can continue the normal daily routine with the acquaintances, peers, relatives and colleagues at work place to naturally accept the major change occurring in his life. Besides this, remembering the reasons that lead to the separation can help to realize on what grounds the couple divorced by being honest with self.

Rebound relationships:

A confused state of mind is the cause behind rebound relationships, as it is not sure whether it will work or not. Too much too fast can be a dangerous thing in a new relationship if itís not based on genuine feelings. Thus, to save the new relationship from mess up even before it is begun, the following tips can be followed.

  • Give yourself time to understand the changes that comes after divorce in relationships
  • Balanced approach and adjustments can help to manage emotional loss Managing differences with the ex in-laws and the ex-spouse
  • Forgiveness and forgetfulness to move on in life
  • Handling kids custody fairly for their better future
  • Acceptance of the single status as early as possible to handle the grief and pain caused due to a bad relationship
  • Avoiding the blame game and concentration on a new relationship
  • Involvement in constructive activities like work life and socializing to divert oneself to continue the daily routine normally
  • Lessons learned from a past marriage can be taken as guidelines for future relationship to make it successful
  • Counseling and discussion with trusted acquaintances.

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