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Quick Uncontested Divorce

Quick uncontested divorce is achievable for distressed couples without much worry and court hearings. In fact it proves beneficial as it ensures hassle-free divorce when both the spouses agree on various issues.

What is a Quick Uncontested Divorce?

A quick uncontested divorce is the legal separation of a couple by means of paperwork that supports privacy of the case. Here, both the partners seeking a divorce donít have differences for shared marital property, investments, or joint bank accounts. Thus, it becomes easy for them to achieve fast uncontested divorce. As both the partners wish to come out of their relationship free and clear, a stress-free dissolution of their marriage becomes feasible.

Due to a fast paced life, it is not possible for a couple seeking divorce to give too much time for court hearings. Moreover, legalities involved, hiring a lawyer, and settling child custody issues compels the divorce applicant to look for a fast divorce.

How to Achieve a Quick Uncontested Divorce?

A Quick uncontested divorce is achievable when both the spouses jointly agree for lawful termination of their relationship. It involves settlement of matters like division of assets and debts, child custody and parenting time, child support and maintenance. To attain this, it is necessary for both the spouses to trust that both will receive a fair treatment in a short duration.

Steps Involved in a Quick Uncontested Divorce?

  • A person seeking legal separation from his/her spouse can contact the local courthouse and ask for the requisite paperwork for uncontested divorce
  • Most of the paperwork has to be handled by the applicant himself/herself
  • To get fast processing of the paperwork it is necessary to submit the required documents along with it
  • As no one is able to help the applicant with the divorce petition, it is essential to properly follow the instructions
  • When the petition is filed, it has to be submitted to the local court for divorce to place it in the file
  • A required fee has to be paid with the courthouse that differs as per the state or county where the applicant resides
  • In the in-between period, the applicant has to send a copy of the divorce request to the other spouse through a certified mail to sign it
  • The signed copy is then sent to the courthouse to continue the divorce action.
  • A minimum waiting period has to be followed by both the spouses till the completion of the process
  • When the waiting period is over, take another letter to the courthouse which states that both the spouses still agree to the divorce
  • The other letter has to be signed by both the spouses in front of a notary and not before
  • At this point, a mandatory fee has to be paid to the court along with the other letter where the official announcement of the divorce is announced

By and large, any divorce is painful for both the spouses. Lots of matters are involved in it that needs considerable time to finish off the entire process. Therefore, both the partners look for a quick uncontested divorce.

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