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Oklahoma Uncontested divorce

Oklahoma uncontested divorce is a tough no-fault divorce where both the spouses agree that end of their marriage is the only solution to their incompatibility. As compared to other forms of divorce, an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma proceeds more quickly as the legal issues are jointly agreed by both the spouses.

To get an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma, the application has to be filed with the petition family law or domestic relations clerk. The divorce appeal can be filed in a county where the applicant has lived prior to filing a divorce appeal. Moreover, the divorce appeal can be filed in a county where the other spouse lives.

Oklahoma laws offer divorce grounds for fault-based and non-fault divorce. There are around 11 grounds that are to be met to seek Oklahoma uncontested divorce.

Grounds for Oklahoma Uncontested divorce:

  • Failure to give birth
  • Betrayal to the partner
  • Parting the other partner for a year
  • Lock up
  • Jail sentence for deadly mental illness for five years
  • Cruel and harsh treatment
  • Deceit
  • Consistent greed
  • Wife expecting by another man at the time of marriage
  • Horrible disregard
  • A far-off divorce not accepted in Oklahoma.

Property division and child custody in Oklahoma uncontested divorce:

In a divorce, Oklahoma State presents a fair distribution of belongings. Assets brought into a marriage and inherited properties are equally divided in a couple looking for divorce. An uncontested divorce helps to do so where both the spouses are happy with the equal distribution of the assets.

As far as child custody is concerned, laws in Oklahoma do not support either shared or single custody. A couple has to make efforts for custody terms as per their family's needs.

Oklahoma uncontested divorce generally takes around three months. If the couple seeking divorce has does not have own children or adopted child, then the divorce takes as little as 10 days. It should be noted that after a divorce; a divorced person cannot remarry or live with someone other than the spouse for six months. If a couple resolves during this six month period, they can ask the court to withdraw the divorce.

Forms required for Oklahoma uncontested divorce:

A domestic relations cover sheet, a petition for divorce, an automatic provisional injunction notice, a verification that authenticates the petition, a marital settlement agreement, financial affidavits for both the spouses, a child support schedule, a child support worksheet, an entry of appearance and waiver of service, a notice of final hearing, and a decree of divorce when signed by the court ends the marriage.

Uncontested divorce in Oklahoma is a better option over contested divorce matters. Time and costs involved in it are difficult to estimate and depends on a case. Generally, the client is liable for all the expenses for services rendered that are based upon the agreement between the client and lawyer. However, Oklahoma uncontested divorce minimizes the general cost and simplifies the whole divorce process.

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