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New Jersey uncontested divorce

New Jersey uncontested divorce is normally appealed by those couple that have been living separately for a continuous period of approximately eighteen months. New Jersey laws permit no fault divorces on a variety of grounds that must fulfill the requirements to file a request for an uncontested divorce in New Jersey.

Grounds to file New Jersey uncontested divorce:

To seek a divorce, it is very important for a distressed couple living in New Jersey to have valid reasons. These reasons are nothing but the grounds that must be certified by the legislature. Besides this, the reasons should be in context with the laws of New Jersey. A timely review of the grounds for New Jersey uncontested divorce is timely practiced by competent authorities. It helps to revise the varying norms of divorce procedures. At present, the following reasons are accepted in New Jersey:

  • Adultery
  • Desertion for at least 12 months
  • Extreme physical or mental cruelty to the safety or health of the petitioner wherein the petitioner cannot continue to live together with the spouse.
  • Uninterrupted separate living for approximately 18 months with no logical prospect of reunion.
  • Drug addiction or regular drunkenness for a year or more successive months.
  • Institutionalization for psychological illness for two years or more.
  • Imprisonment of the defendant for 18 months or more.
  • Abnormal sexual behavior forcefully performed by the defendant without the approval of the petitioner.

Generally, one of the spouses who file a petition for divorce is called as ‘Plaintiff’. The other spouse who replies to the petition is called the ‘Defendant’. In New Jersey dissolution of marriage does not have a summary divorce unlike some states.

To file for uncontested divorce in New Jersey, it is necessary to meet four requirements. It helps to terminate marriage in a short time if the couple seeking it fulfills all the requirements. The requirements are as follows:

  • Either or both spouses must have lived in New Jersey for at least a year before filing for an uncontested divorce in New Jersey.
  • Both spouses must have an approval for child support and equal custody.
  • Both the spouse should agree on property division and sharing.

Forms for an uncontested divorce in New Jersey:

To appeal uncontested divorce in New Jersey, there are certain forms that a couple is required to fill. These are:

  • A civil case information statement.
  • A verified complaint for divorce.
  • Certification of insurance coverage.
  • A cover letter to be sent to the clerk of the superior court
  • A filing fee of $160.

All the material issues involved in an uncontested divorce in New Jersey are looked after by early settlement panels. When the verified complaint is filed, the action is allotted to one of four legal management tracks like the priority track, complex track, expedited track and standard track. With this, the defendant must be served within four months of filing the complaint. If not, the court may possibly sack the action.

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