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Minnesota Uncontested Divorce

Minnesota uncontested divorce is a do it yourself divorce that benefits a distressed couple to seek legal dissolution of their marriage. By understanding the summary of the divorce papers, it becomes easy to file the request with the family law or domestic relations clerk.

In general, any divorce is an unpleasant thing that involves lots of legal issues. As every case is unique, it requires specific proceedings to meet the successful termination of the marriage. To obtain an uncontested divorce in Minnesota, the divorce applicant must have lived in the state for at least 180 days before initiating the divorce process.

How to File Minnesota Uncontested Divorce?

To file Minnesota uncontested divorce, it is very necessary to file it in the county in which either spouse resides. All the actions are filed in the District Court which is also known as the county court. Usually, the spouse who files a divorce case is known as the Petitioner, while the spouse who responds is called the Respondent. The petitioner is granted legal separation only when the court ensures that the spouses have lived in Minnesota for not less than six months prior to the commencement of the divorce process.

What are the Grounds for Minnesota Uncontested Divorce?

Minnesota is a US state that supports a no-fault uncontested divorce based on irreversible breakdown of marriage. It includes factors like separate living for 180 days or severe marital conflict affecting the outlook of one or both spouses towards their marriage.

Sometimes, a modernized divorce method is also presented in a limited number of conditions. Whatever be the case, it is essential for both the spouses to agree on the terms and conditions of equal and fair property division. Moreover, it is obligatory for both the spouses to file a mutual affirmation.

What are the Conditions involved in Minnesota Uncontested Divorce?

In order to file Minnesota uncontested divorce, there are eight conditions that has to be met. These are:

  • There should not be minor children born or adopted by the spouses throughout their marriage, till the court comes to a decision that someone other than the husband is the father.
  • The wife should not be pregnant during the time of divorce
  • The couple must have been married for less than eight years with respect to the filing date of divorce.
  • No spouse owns any property in real estate
  • Jointly, the spouses should not posses any debts in excess of $8,000, excluding the burden on automobiles.
  • The overall market worth of the marital property must not go beyond $25,000 that includes the equity of automobiles.
  • None of the spouse must possess non-marital assets of more than $25,000
  • None of the spouse is a sufferer of domestic violence by the other spouse

The requirements for entire paperwork for Minnesota uncontested divorce are available in the district court office. Moreover, information is also available at various websites that provide online information about divorce kits and do-it-yourself divorce procedures in Minnesota. It informs the applicant about the necessary documents that have to be filed along with the divorce application.

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