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Maryland uncontested divorce

Maryland uncontested divorce is a no-fault, easy, fast and low cost divorce where both the spouses mutually agree to terminate the break up related legal issues. Maryland courts and laws support distressed spouses to settle their property related issues that are not possible in contested divorce.

When a lawyer is involved in any divorce, lots of legal fees and hourly rates are incurred. These can be easily avoided in uncontested divorce in Maryland because it permits the troubled spouses to decide child custody and assets division. In Maryland, a permanent and final divorce is called an ‘absolute divorce’ that is based on certain grounds. It is very necessary for an applicant to have the grounds defined by Maryland legislature to file an uncontested divorce in Maryland.

Grounds for uncontested divorce in Maryland:

  • A one-year voluntary and mutual separation without break and no hope of reunion.
  • A two-year separation without sexual relations.
  • Betrayal, unkind feelings and awful conduct.
  • Custody for a criminal act or misbehavior. Needs custody for one year under a sentence of three or more years.
  • Mad behavior for at least three years.

Requirements for uncontested divorce in Maryland:

  • No child care, child visit and difference of opinions for support.
  • It must be based on a no fault divorce.
  • No clashes for marital property division.
  • It is obligatory for one of the spouse to be a resident of Maryland.

Checklist for uncontested divorce in Maryland:

A family law master usually does the hearings for uncontested divorces in Maryland. The applicant needs to appear in court to give evidence while the defendant can appear only he/she feels to do so. For hearing of Maryland uncontested divorce, an applicant has to posses the following things:

  • Report of total dissolution of marriage. i.e. the Blue Form
  • Separation contract
  • A copy of the marriage certificate
  • Child support arrangements database
  • Confirm witness and witness information form
  • Submit to the verdict

Uncontested divorce cases in Maryland are usually heard by a family law master who puts forward the findings and approvals. These are the basis for divorce judgment that is signed by a judge and mailed to the parties in a short period. To get uncontested divorce in Maryland on time, the applicant has to appear at divorce hearings.

When the defendant fails to answer in the set time periods due to the location, the divorce applicant may file a request for default. As soon as the order of default is received, the applicant may arrange a hearing.

In Maryland uncontested divorce, the applicant serves process by certified mail at the last known address of the respondent. It is practical to send letters to relatives, friends, last known employer or neighbors of the respondent. Inquiry by a private investigator, telephone directory search and internet helps to provide important information about the respondent. Assistance of Maryland motor vehicle administration, reference to military service locator or contact to child support enforcement agency proves positive.

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