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Georgia Uncontested Divorce

Georgia uncontested divorce is usually filed with the family law or domestic relations clerk. It is a do-it-yourself divorce that involves several steps and filing of paperwork along with all the necessary documents. An uncontested divorce in Georgia proves helpful to a distressed couple as it ensures fast and trouble-free divorce proceedings.

What are the Benefits of Georgia Uncontested Divorce?

Actually, any divorce is painful to the spouses as it involves lots of legal issues. More or less, the measures concerned in a divorce differ as every case is unique and requires an altogether different approach. But obtaining an uncontested divorce in Georgia is uncomplicated, as both the spouses jointly co-operate on issues like division of property, child custody, alimony, etc. All the legal proceedings involved here are handled in a private manner that soothes the spouses as their personal matters are not revealed to the general public.

In legal terms, a person who files a divorce is called the Petitioner, whereas the spouse who responds is called the Respondent. To file Georgia uncontested divorce, it is necessary for the applicant to meet the grounds defined by the state or county.

How to File Georgia Uncontested Divorce?

To file Georgia uncontested divorce, it is necessary for the applicant seeking divorce to be a resident of the state for at least six months. A nonresident can file the action in the county of residence of the Respondent.

What are the Grounds for Georgia Uncontested Divorce?

  • Inability to give birth to children
  • Adultery
  • Conviction and imprisonment for a period of more than two years for a crime that involves moral turpitude.
  • Alcohol and drug addiction
  • Imprisonment for untreatable mental illness
  • Separate living due to mental illness
  • Agreed separate living for a longer period
  • Unkind and ruthless treatment that puts the life of the other spouse in danger
  • Habitual and uncontrollable drunkenness
  • Marriage by deception, threat or compel
  • Lack of mental capacity and temporary impotency due to alcohol or drug addiction.
  • A pregnant wife by another man at the time of the marriage, not known to the husband.
  • Incest

What does Georgia Uncontested Divorce Comprise?

When a person seeks an uncontested divorce in Georgia State, he/she has to submit the divorce petition with the clerk of the court. The clerk assigns a docket number to the case. If both the spouses jointly co-operate over the legal proceedings, sign and file the agreement, a timely and easy divorce becomes possible.

The Georgia State divorce form specifies all the terms and conditions regarding spouse support, child support, child custody and other things like division of property and distribution of the marital assets. The respondent is required to sign acknowledgment of service and consent to jurisdiction through which the Respondent waives further legal proceedings. These forms are attached with the divorce application to direct the case towards the final judgment. It usually takes a waiting period of about 31 days wherein both the spouses donít have to appear in court. A final judgment is given by a court order that declared the termination of marriage.

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