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Free Uncontested Divorce

Free uncontested divorce is more popular as it offers simple measures to file a divorce and consumes less time. It is also known as no contest divorce wherein online guidelines are easily accessible on how to file an uncontested divorce for free.

Usually, when the mutual association between married couples becomes intolerable, they seek legal separation. Any kind of divorce is a painful thing that causes emotional loss to both the spouses. At times, it is difficult to reach consensus to resolve all the legal matters involved in a divorce. In such cases, an uncontested divorce proves beneficial to sort out the legal proceedings.

What is a Free Uncontested Divorce?

There is no such thing as free uncontested divorce. When one of the spouses wishes to file an uncontested divorce, then he/she is required to visit the respective county clerk's office. The applicant then requests a copy of required uncontested divorce paperwork which is usually free. That’s why an uncontested divorce is referred as a free means of lawful separation. However, some counties may ask for a small copying fee that may range from 15˘ to 25˘ a copy. This price differs from state to state; however, the uncontested divorce package and instructions for filing divorce more or less remains the same.

What are the Reasons to File a Free Uncontested Divorce?

Usually, the most common reason to file an uncontested divorce is desertion of the other spouse. The desertion is basically of two types: 1) when the respondent has left the applicant for a continuous period of one year or more without the applicant’s approval. This includes abandonment due to imprisonment. And 2) Desertion of the spouse when the respondent has rejected to have sexual relations with the applicant constantly for a period of one year or more without the applicant’s consent.

How to File an Uncontested Divorce for Free?

To file a free uncontested divorce, the applicant can take the help of various online websites. These provide guidelines and instructions by means of do-it-yourself divorce procedures and easy-to-use divorce kits. Such measures make it easy and fast to get an uncontested divorce. Besides this, it even helps to save money on the legal fees and expenses incurred in hiring a lawyer.

Benefits of Free Uncontested Divorce

A free uncontested divorce proves beneficial because it is economical and avoids the unnecessary troubles. It is preferred by distressed couples as they jointly wish to end their relationship in a cordial way. Apart from this, a free uncontested divorce offers many other benefits like:

  • It is straightforward and uncomplicated
  • It ensures secrecy and helps to keep the entire divorce related matters private from the general public.
  • It is less painful and less upsetting as compared to other forms of divorce
  • It involves fast progression of legal procedures as there are no issues involved
  • It presents cordial lawful separation of the troubled couple
  • It offers negotiable and flexible agreements to both the partners
  • As the spouses have mutual consent over their lawful split-up, children are less affected.
  • An uncontested divorce has almost no arguments, expenses and court hearings.

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