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Free Uncontested Divorce Forms

Free uncontested divorce forms are easily accessible through a variety of resources. These forms are based on the grounds for divorce and residency status of a divorce applicant. It is important to consider these factors before filing a divorce, as it helps to select the appropriate divorce forms.

Generally, it is the duty of a divorce applicant to check the accuracy of the free uncontested divorce forms. This ensures maximum benefit to a distressed couple seeking a divorce and helps a fast and easy dissolution of their marriage.

What are Free Uncontested Divorce Forms?

Uncontested divorce forms are the documents or the paperwork that is required to file an uncontested divorce. These are easily accessible by means of internet or with uncontested lawyers. Many websites also provide divorce kits or do-it-yourself forms for uncontested divorce at reasonable cost. These come with instructions and guidelines that help to properly fill the divorce forms. This way, a divorce applicant can identify with the validity issues and eligibility requirements to complete the entire divorce process.

Importance of Free Uncontested Divorce Forms:

Uncontested divorce forms are used to get an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, a distressed couple seeking divorce mutually agrees to end their marriage. Free uncontested divorce forms assist them to provide a quick and simple divorce and save time. Besides, all the legal issues involved in the legal separation of married couple are completed with the help of uncontested divorce forms.

Professionally typed free uncontested divorce forms can be downloaded via internet. Numerous websites provide forms for the divorce grounds and requirements involved in a divorce process. For example: Betrayal, extreme cruelty, willful desertion, stubborn behavior, habitual gluttony, conviction of a crime, mental illness, separate living of the spouses for 5 years and irreconcilable differences.

Benefits of free uncontested divorce forms:

  • It saves the cost of going to a divorce lawyer.
  • Both spouses agree in writing on matters like division of marital property, assets, home and division of debts.
  • Uncontested divorce forms make the divorce process easy as it keeps the level of conflict low between both the spouses.
  • All the legal issues involved in dissolution of marriage are handled privately.
  • It helps both the spouses to know the whereabouts of each other.
  • Both the spouses willingly sign the documents with mutual consent to the terms and conditions of the uncontested divorce.

A variety of issues that are involved in dissolution of marriage needs to be sorted out for its successful termination. Moreover, both the spouses should be equally satisfied and should not feel cheated or mislaid. Free uncontested divorce forms provide a platform to express all the legal issues involved in a divorce process. These cover documents for the following things:

  • Appeal for dissolution of marriage
  • Original answer forms and waiver of citation forms
  • Confirmation for lack of ability to pay court fees
  • Certificate of last known address and certificate of service
  • Final divorce order, supporting official declaration and legal notice citations
  • Default judgment affidavit and statements of proof
  • Alternate service affidavits
  • Child support orders for child custody, visits, spouse support forms & information
  • Marriage settlement agreements, financial statements & information of asset division.

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