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Free Uncontested Divorce

Free uncontested divorce forms in Texas covers all the necessary details related with the legal dissolution of a marriage. A variety of things like taxes and investments, debts, property and assets, child custody, medical insurance, etc. are covered in Texas free uncontested divorce forms.

What is a Texas Uncontested Divorce?

Texas uncontested divorce is based on no-fault grounds. A person can file for uncontested divorce in Texas when the marriage becomes unbearable to both the spouses because of disagreements or personality conflicts. As it brings the lawful ends of the marital union, there is no scope for reasonable reconciliation of the partners. Apart from this, living separately for a continuous three years also makes the case eligible for filing.

What are Texas Uncontested Divorce Forms?

An uncontested divorce is usually accomplished by filing the application along with the necessary divorce forms and certificates. For Texas uncontested divorce, the applicant is expected to fulfill the entire documentation. It is preferred to be the best option as compared to other forms of divorce, because it is easy and trouble-free and assures fast dissolution of marriage. Besides, filing Texas uncontested divorce forms help to maintain privacy of the divorce proceedings from the public.

How to Obtain Uncontested Divorce Forms?

It is very easy to obtain uncontested divorce forms as they are available online at various websites as per the state. The applicant has to simply download the forms that are mostly free. Besides, such websites also provide all the necessary instructions regarding the do-it-yourself divorce procedures. This helps a distressed couple as filing the divorce becomes simple and painless. Moreover, lots of divorce lawyers also provide the desired forms for Texas uncontested divorce.

How does an Uncontested Divorce Function?

There is no need to hire an attorney, when one of the spouses applies for an uncontested divorce in Texas. With mutual agreement, it is possible for both the partners to resolve most of the issues. If needed, the applicant can find a certified mediator to cut short the divorce petition. The petition is then filed with the court to acquire a hearing date for final declaration by the judge.

Normally, a waiting period of about 30-60 days has to be followed by both the spouses. During this, the divorce document gets recorded with the registries of the county and state. Sometimes, both the spouses are required to pay a certain fee. This fee may differ from state to state. If it is not possible for any of the partners to pay this fee, then a waiver can be requested. The final judgment is announced by the judge, if both the spouses agree to the terms and claims set down in the document. It is then signed by both the partners.

What are the Things Covered in Free Uncontested Divorce Forms in Texas?

  • Child custody or legal joint custody or joint physical custody
  • Provision for bird nest custody, if needed
  • Child support, child visit and finances involved in maintenance
  • Details of the parentís attitude towards the children
  • Details of medical insurance
  • Information about tax deductions
  • What will be the measures for child support, if the child gets pregnant
  • What will be the measures for child support, if the residential parent dies?

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