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Cost of Uncontested Divorce

Cost of uncontested divorce differs as per the needs and requirements of a case. These are largely affected by a variety of factors like the legal jurisdiction of a city, county, state or country. The average cost of an uncontested divorce constitutes fees for divorce petition, paperwork, notary fees, a variety of services and miscellaneous charges.

What is meant by Cost of Uncontested Divorce?

Cost of uncontested divorce means the total expenses that are involved in an uncontested form of divorce. It depends on a variety of factors like child custody, child support, debts and taxes, property division, court and lawyer’s interference and official procedures. These factors need timely attention and lots of operating cost. But if a couple decide to go for an uncontested divorce, the expenses get considerably reduced.

What is the Average Cost of Uncontested Divorce?

Costs of uncontested divorce depend on diverse factors. An uncontested divorce where the lawyer isn’t involved usually costs around $100 to $500. But there are certain situations that demand the involvement of an attorney in an uncontested divorce. When a lawyer is involved, the costs of the divorce increase as the lawyer needs to be paid a regular fee till the completion of the divorce process. These costs may range from $500 to $10,000 or even more as per the paperwork and intervention of the attorney. Sometimes, fees are charged at an hourly rate of $75 to $250 or more, but this varies as per the location and the attorney's experience and reputation.

Benefits of Uncontested Divorce as Compared to Contested Divorce:

An uncontested divorce includes many things that contribute to its overall expenses. The cost of uncontested divorce depends on a variety of factors that needs timely attention and mutual co-operation of the spouses on the legal matters. But when a couple is not willing to work together, fast processing of the matters and claims become difficult. If they agree and reach consensus by means of an uncontested divorce, it becomes inexpensive and easy to end their relationship. Thus, an uncontested divorce proves beneficial as compared to contested divorce.

What does Cost of Uncontested Divorce includes?

  • Cost of uncontested divorce includes fees for divorce petition filing, notary fees, sundry expenses and paperwork along with copies of documents to support it
  • Interference of lawyer by paying requisite fees to settle the matters of child custody, child visit, child support and property division
  • Timely attendance for one time court hearing for quick and less expensive divorce
  • Purchase of appropriate papers for a variety of legal issues and claims
  • Submitting requisite fees for final submission of the divorce petition to the court wherever applicable

In general, cost of uncontested divorce differs extensively by legal jurisdiction of a city, county, state or country. With so many factors to consider and the distinctive situations that each case presents, it's not possible to guess the definitive cost of dissolution of marriage. At times, doing a thorough research to protect one’s rights helps an individual when the divorce process helps for the divorce process to go smoothly at a minimum expense.

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