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Uncontested divorce

Uncontested divorce offers the separating partners a harmonious way to end the marriage peacefully and with self-respect. Many divorce seeking couples have like to go for it as it maintains decorum.

Sometimes it happens where people get married for the wrong reasons. Later, they find it unworkable down the road and separation remains the only alternative. Instead of regrettable departure most of the time couples wish to get a quick divorce amicably. In such cases, no contest divorce proves friendly to them.

In United States, it is easy to get a quick divorce if it stays uncontested by the partner. It eventually helps both the spouses to accept all the terms and conditions quickly. Thus, it reduces the need of a lawyer and all the legal formalities that requires a great deal of time.

What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce means there are no issues that can be challenged during the divorce process. This makes the partners doubt free and the issues between the spouses gets immediately solved. For example chances of issues like house, property, assets, kids, child custody, alimony and pets if any can be aroused. If the separating partners does not want this to happen, a mutual agreement truly helps them to resolve the verdict.

Most of the times, both the spouses can file the divorce with self help division. Though divorce attorneys help to file lawsuit for divorce and charge modest fees. Spouses have to abide by the clauses and all the issues involved in it. They need to sign and agree all the terms and condition involved. Such kind of divorce is referred as no contest divorce.

Benefits of uncontested divorce:

  • It is simple and uncomplicated
  • It is private, less painful and less disturbing.
  • Involves quick procedures and no issues attached
  • No arguments, costs and hearings
  • Presents harmonious separation
  • Offers negotiable agreements
  • Children are less affected

Drawbacks of uncontested divorce:

Though No contest divorce has benefits, it works bad in most of the cases. It is particularly awful when one of the spouses has been partial towards the other. In case of domestic violence, the chances of justice to the victim are hardly possible. In such situation, it becomes imperative to the sufferer to hire a lawyer to receive proper justice. Moreover, resolving issues like joint property in real estate, joint bank account, upbringing of children, etc. is problematic to work out.

Expenses incurred in uncontested divorce:

People are generally not aware about the expenses incurred in divorce proceedings. Also the amount of time involved is generally not predictable during the initial stages of divorce procedures. Accordingly, all the factors are to be considered to get a brief idea about the expenses in uncontested divorce. These are:

  • Length of divorce process
  • Participation of legal personnel
  • State / country your reside
  • Case filing charges
  • Time-to-time fees payment for trials
  • Legal aspects

In a no contest divorce, both the spouses have an alternative to be represented by a legal representative. There is always an opportunity to do things on your own depending upon the complications of the marriage. It helps to bring down the expenses and overall the emotional turmoil.

Many times, both the spouses seeking divorce are not on talking terms. Such kind of complicated marriages definitely need an intervention. A lawyer proves to be a good idea as both the parties can put forward their clause without messing the matters further.

Uncontested divorce occurs more rapidly than most people presume it. When the spouses appear fully equipped with all the possible solutions and complete information that are agreeable to both the parties, then the further paper work becomes trouble-free.

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