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Divorce is always not the first option of choice when a marriage is disturbed. To stop a divorce and save marriage is not always readily easy. In United States, half of marriages end in divorce. Any reason such as disloyalty, arguments about children, and problems with in-laws can cause trouble in a marriage. Fortunately, there are ways to help a troubled marriage and stop divorce process.

There are many ways to stop divorce process if you want to give one more chance to yourself as well as your spouse. Let us focus on how to stop divorce process.

  • Realization of fault is the very first key to stop divorce. Look at your heart and feelings truly. If you still love your spouse, you need to tell him or her about your feelings. Find out if he or she is having the same feeling for you.
  • If in any case you both are having same feelings, and discover that you both want to stop the divorce, the next important thing is to have the desire to work things out together
  • Both parties must try to resolve the issues that reach to the conclusion of stopping the divorce process.
  • Accept the fact that problems cannot be disappear overnight. However, patience and acceptance can yield a good result in the relationship.
  • If both of you agree to compromise, next step is stopping the divorce process legally. The person who applied for the divorce can put the case on hold. However any attempts at reconciliation must be takes place before the divorce is finalized by the court.
  • If a judgment has not yet been approved, you and your spouse can withdraw the separation petition from the court. You can also submit a notice of revocation to stop the divorce process.
  • Court happily permits divorces to be stopped for mediation, counseling and overall compromise. Mediation can be handled by your lawyers or a marriage therapist of the court. Therefore, looking for a therapy or counseling together, and possessing a positive attitude to solve the issues as a team are help to maintain the relationship between spouses.
  • When you both come to the agreement, sign a bond which states that disobedience of these terms will result in the start of divorce proceedings.
  • Meet the county clerk, and remove your petition for divorce.

In this way stopping a divorce process can help you sort out your differences and stay together comfortably. Stopping the divorce proceedings is not very complicated, but it requires some time, phone calls and discussion with your lawyer of both spouses. As long as your divorce hasn't been finalized by court resulting in decree of divorce, you can stop the divorce and take effort on settling your marriage.

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