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Stop Divorce Proceedings

Often it happens, that during divorce proceedings couples realize that they are actually not ready for a divorce. They want to reconcile with their spouse. But this is possible only if the court has not declared its final judgment. To stop divorce proceedings you are needed to file a written request to dismiss your divorce.

How to stop divorce proceedings:

  1. Divorce proceedings can be stopped only if both parties are willing to do so. Couples can request for a temporary stay on divorce proceedings if they are uncertain about their divorce. This will provide ample time to both parties, to decide on whether they want a divorce or not.
  2. In case you and your spouse want to stop divorce proceedings consult your lawyers. They can suggest you well that what are the possibilities to stop your divorce.
  3. Find out what is the waiting period of your state. There is a gap between the time you file for divorce and the time when the divorce gets finalized. To stop divorce proceedings, you must take the appropriate action within this time period.
  4. Withdraw your divorce petition filed in your state court. Your attorney can help you out in this.
  5. A motion must be filed to dismiss the case. As soon as both of you have decided to remain married file for a motion with the court clerk. Both of you need to sign this motion stating that you agree to stop the proceedings.
  6. Go through the state’s law where you have filed for divorce. There may be some additional paperwork required to stop the divorce.
  7. Confirm for the cancellation of your divorce. In case your divorce is not dismissed then appear in the court on the date of hearing. Both couples must attend the hearing and verbally confirm that none of them want the dissolution of marriage.

Forms stopping divorce proceedings:

  • Qualifications required: The request for dismissal form can be filled either by the person who had received divorce papers or the one who had filed for it. These forms must be presented in the court before the case gets finalized or else it won’t help in stopping the divorce.
  • Forms required: Request for dismissal forms are available at country court clerk’s office and online too. It’s easy to fill these forms as these are self explanatory. You are required to fill personal information in these forms. This includes your name, complete address, phone number and appropriate reasons for the dismissal of divorce. You and your spouse are required to sign the dismissal form, if your spouse had responded to divorce papers filed by you before the dismissal forms were received by the court.
  • After filing the forms: Court processes the dismissal forms after they are filed with the court clerk. All divorce proceedings related to your divorce is stopped. Any temporary orders placed on you or your spouse by the court is lifted.

Divorce law differs with states. Almost every state has some legal provisions to stop divorce proceedings. Time required for the same totally depends upon the states rules and regulations.

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