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Divorce Guide

How to Stop Divorce

In almost every state, divorce cannot be stopped if your spouse has decided to get one. If love still exists between you and your spouse, even after he/she has filed for divorce, the divorce doesn't have to be finalized. It's never too late to stop the divorce if both people are willing to do it.

Letís discuss some of the important tips that will give knowledge about how to stop divorce by your own.

Trial Separation

Allow your spouse to experience separateness without making a final decision of divorce. This will give time to each of you to sit down and think of what you really want in life and what can be done to avoid conflicts. Distance can help to think about the personal faults in married life.

Communication in your Marriage

Improving communication can help to rebuild the relation. It is a very easy way to stop divorce.

Drive Third-Party Away

In most of the divorce cases, there is always an influence of the third party who has a major role in the behavior of the husband or wife. This third party has the habit to take part in each and every decision of the spouses. To stop the divorce problem, with your spouseís consent, try to keep away this third party.

Take Responsibility

Take responsibility for where you were wrong. Both of you are needed to work on the relationship. If you want to stop the divorce, quickly take personal responsibility for what went wrong, no matter how pride-crushing or difficult this act may be. Your forgiving nature will itself give a solution for how to stop divorce.

Learn what makes your Spouse Loyal to you

Half of the divorce cases are based on the loyalty of the husband or wife. Try to give what your spouse wants from you. Physical and mental understanding is the only way to make him/her loyal towards you. Dissolve barriers that prevent you from forming lasting, loving relationships.

Self Study

Always work on yourself using willpower and try to improve the behavior towards your spouse. This will energetically influence your surrounding and this in turn, will influence your marriage for the better. When you work on yourself, you will regain self esteem and confidence in yourself. It will affect all the areas of your life.


If your spouse is not listening to your thoughts about stopping the divorce, ask your lawyer or relatives to request a couple's counseling.

Unfortunately, after tiring all these things, if there is no conclusion and divorce is filed by your spouse you can request the court to keep your divorce on hold. To stop divorce, it requires time, energy, concentration, and awareness. Itís not practical to think that you can have a successful marriage without effort on your side. So always try to improvement yourself to save your marriage and stop divorce.

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