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Dating while Getting a Divorce

The divorce laws vary from state to state. Dating while getting a divorce sometimes can help you decide whether divorce is the only solution of your problems. People decide to get divorced, file a petition with the court, move out of the previous home and begin dating. After some time they realize that they made a mistake and want to get back with their spouse and continue the marriage. However, dating during a divorce process can have a negative impact too. Let us take a look at the effects of dating while one is getting divorced.

Effect of Dating

  • If your spouse comes to know about your dating, then the situation becomes more complicated. For hurting the feelings of your spouse, the court can punish you financially.
  • When there is a child involved in your divorce process, your dating can reflect on the custody issue of the child.

Some Important Aspects of Dating while Getting a Divorce

Some country’s divorce law considers you to be married till all the legal divorce proceedings are complete. In such cases, dating during the divorce process can be considered as disloyalty. This can create complications in the divorce proceedings. Lawyers always advise their clients to stay away from dating while getting a divorce.

Dating during the divorce process can give rise to various problems. Some of the issues that can arise while dating are discussed as follow.

Legal Issues

  • Dating during divorce can lead you to different legal problems
  • It makes bad impression on judges if someone is dating before they are legally divorced from their partners
  • This approach can go against you, while deciding issues like child custody, property division, child or spousal support
  • When one of the parents is dating during the divorce process, there are chances to lose the custody of the child. Such parents are said to be selfish who do not think about their child’s welfare
  • Most children are not interested in staying with the parent who is having another person in his/her life before legal separation
  • If a person moves with their current date or partner, this can have a negative effect on child as well as spousal support. This can also effect the judge’s decision regarding property division.

Issues with the Spouse

  • Dating during divorce is considered by the spouse as cheating. This will hurt a lot and will result into taking revenge during the divorce process
  • In such a case, the divorce which could have ended simply may become complex, expensive and bitter
  • There are chances that your current date may also be pushed into the divorce proceedings by court. This may spoil your relationship with him/her.

Issues of Children

  • It is always best to avoid dating during legal proceedings if you have children
  • Children find it difficult to accept a new person in your life, especially when you are divorcing with their father/mother
  • Beginning of a new relationship can cause emotional distance between you and your children, which can damage your relationship with them
  • Also, seeing you with another person can make them feel sorry for their other parent which may cause you losing their custody.

Hence, it is the best to avoid getting into a relationship until you legally separate from your husband or wife. This will definitely help in avoiding any kind of legal or emotional complications.

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