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Divorce Guide

Biblical Advice to Stop Divorce

From the ancient times, getting a divorce or separating from your spouse is known to be a big sin. According to bible, God hates divorce, so people should obey Godís advice. According to biblical advice to stop divorce, there are various solutions to maintain the strong relation between husband and wife as directed by God.

Divorce in Todayís World

All are passing through relationship problems and feel that they are the one we have these kinds of troubles in life. In todayís fast world, most of the couples think that divorce is the only solution to solve the marital problems. But we should understand that from the time of Christ, the marital problems are discussed very frankly. The solution for most of the problems is referred in bible which will definitely help us to stop divorce caused due to baseless reasons.

Biblical Advice to Stop Divorce

Following are important points which focus on the biblical concept of the relationship between husband and wife. These concepts indirectly give advice on how to behave and how to stop divorce from happening in your life.

God Created One Man for One Woman

God created Adam and Eve and not a third person. Bible advises the strength of communication in marriage. Adam and Eve show many examples of what should be avoided in a marriage. Bible suggests that:

  1. If Eve would have communicated with Adam, before she ate the fruit, this would have helped her to make the best decision. (Genesis 3:7 c.f.2 :)
  2. If Eve had talked to Adam about Satan who is trying to control her, then she would have been better prepared to make a sensible decision. (Genesis 3:1-5)
  3. Adam did not express his unhappiness at the idea of Eve eating the fruit. (Genesis 3:7 c.f. 2 :)

In this way, the bible suggests that communication is the important part of the relation between husband and wife. This is the main biblical advice to stop divorce. God set that standard for all human beings. God's purpose will not change with the expanding universe

Marriage is a Strong Bond:

God doesn't permit divorce because God created a strong bond of an indissoluble union with no option.

Marriage makes Two One Flesh:

According to bible, what God has joined together should not be divided by human desire. Along with these important points, bible also focuses on two important things which include:

  1. Marriage is a work of God
  2. You should not commit adultery

Biblical Divorce Dissolves a Marriage:

Biblically authorized divorce involves cause of fornication. In this case, the wedding chain is broken and the marital bond is released. So when a person divorces for fornication or disloyalty, they can remarry. Biblical advice underlines that marriage is first instituted by God in the Garden of Eden. It is a defined as a monogamous physical and spiritual union among a man and a woman.

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