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Divorce Guide

Quick divorce in Texas

Divorce is stressful. The legality involved in divorce is diverse and makes it more difficult. Moreover the rules and regulations differ with every state. In some states getting divorced is like a nightmare while the law of some states is quite liberalized towards divorce. One can acquire a quick divorce in Texas.

There are no provisions in Texas for a legal separation. It is a community property state. Here, any property acquired by either of the spouses, before or after marriage is distributed equally. One can file for a divorce and ask the court for orders to deal with issues like property or child custody.

Grounds for divorce in Texas:

Texas divorcing grounds includes both fault and no-fault divorce. A no-fault divorce is one in which neither of the parties are at fault for the divorce. This type of divorce takes place when both parties agree to get separated legally and there is no chance of reconciliation.

A fault divorce occurs when, either or both the parties are at fault. This can be due to adultery, felony, insanity or abandonment. Whatever the reason may be, but for a faulty divorce one needs to prove fault of the other party in the court.

Grounds for fault divorce in Texas-

  • Imprisonment for at least one year
  • Cruelty
  • One year of abandonment
  • Living separately for a minimum of 3 years without cohabitation
  • Insanity (for a minimum of 3 years)
  • Adultery

Residency Requirement in Texas:

To get a quick divorce in Texas residential requirement is inevitable. Either of the spouses must reside in Texas for at least 6 months and also be in one country for minimum of 90 days before filing the case.

Divorce Mediation in Texas:

To make a divorce case uncontested or no-fault, divorcing couples need to undergo a mutual agreement. If in any case such an agreement is not reached, couples can go for divorce mediation. The expenses involved are less as compared to hiring of lawyers. Court can also refer a case for mediation. In Texas mediation agreements are legal bindings.

Annulment in Texas:

Annulment occurs when court declares a marriage to be invalid legally. In case of divorce a marriage comes to an end but in annulment the marriage is declared null or void. Reasons for annulment can be many like: permanent impotency, duress, underage, drunkenness, fraud, mental incapability and being blood relatives or bigamy.

For filing a petition for divorce, you need to prepare a document containing all the reasons or grounds for wanting a divorce. This petition is required to be filed in the District court of your country. As soon as the Decree of Divorce is granted, your divorce is over. The judge has approved your divorce and now you are no longer married.

Online Divorce Services in Texas:

For a quick divorce in Texas you can go for online divorce services. Here you donít require hiring any lawyer. These services will help you in the documentation part by providing full guidance and instructions.


  • Quick edited document generation
  • Filing instructions
  • Preparing settlement agreement
  • Complete divorce documents

There are many online services which makes filing of divorce easy in Texas.

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