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Quick divorce in Pennsylvania

Quick divorce in Pennsylvania can be achieved if divorcing couples agree for a no-fault divorce. PA divorce laws offer divorce on both fault and no-fault grounds. Other than this there are some requirements which are compulsory in order to get a divorce in PA.

Residential Requirements:

One of the spouses must be a resident of PA for at least a period of six months before filing petition. This is the basic requirement needed to be acquired for quick divorce in Pennsylvania.

Grounds for divorce in Pennsylvania:

Fault divorce: In such type of divorce either of the parties must be at fault and the other party must be able to prove it. The grounds for fault divorce include adultery, inhuman treatment, willful desertion, imprisonment for a period of two or more years, bigamous marriage etc.

One more ground for divorce in PA is confinement of a spouse in a mental institution for an uninterrupted period of one and a half year prior to commencement of divorce.

No-fault divorce: PA divorce laws grant two types of no-fault divorce. First is through a mutual consent in which it is alleged that the marriage has permanently broken down and 90 days has elapsed. An affidavit must be filed along with evidences that both parties are in consent for the divorce.

Second, couples can go for a no-fault divorce only if they meet certain statutory requirements. Spouses have to demonstrate that their marriage has irretrievably broken down and there is no possibility of reconciliation. They need to submit an affidavit with proof that they have lived apart for not less than two years.

Filing for a No Fault Divorce in Pennsylvania:

In order to acquire quick divorce in Pennsylvania couples must go for a no-fault divorce. Steps for filing a no-fault divorce are as follows:

  1. A complaint for no-fault divorce is required to be obtained from the clerk of the court of common pleas. This needs to be done in the country where either of the spouses resides. Standard forms and complaint for divorce are maintained by court clerks in Pennsylvania.
  2. If you are seeking a no-fault divorce by mutual consent, complete the form with your spouse. You can take assistance of the court clerk in preparing the form. The complaint requires basic information about the divorcing couples like the date of marriage, years of marriage, children if any etc.
  3. If you are seeking for a no fault divorce which is not based on mutual consent, then you are required to fill the affidavit of separate residence. In this affidavit you need to state that you and your spouse lived separately for a period of minimum 2 years before you have file for divorce.
  4. In front of a notary public, execute the affidavit.
  5. File the complaint for no-fault divorce or the mutual consent for no-fault divorce along with a residence affidavit. Remember to file separate residence affidavit with the court clerk.
  6. You are also required to pay fees for filing complaint. In PA, the filing fee differs from one court of common plea to another.

PA has simple divorcing laws. Even foreigners can go for a quick divorce in PA. They just need to abide by the rules and legality of the state.

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