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Quick divorce in Nevada

There are several ways to get a fast divorce. One among them is to seek for a state, city or a country that grants faster divorce than the place where you live in. You can go for a quick divorce in Nevada or California or even Guam. These states grant divorce within weeks.

Generally a divorce begins when any one of the spouses files a petition for divorce in any of the following countries where:

  • The filing spouse resides
  • Spouses last cohabited
  • Cause for divorce occurred
  • The non filing spouse resides or may be found

If we talk about Nevada, there are certain grounds based on which divorce is granted.

Grounds for divorce in NV:

  • No-fault: Reasons can be incompatibility or the couples are living apart without any cohabitation for a year.
  • General: Either of the spouses has been insane for at least two years prior to commencement of the divorce case.

Residential Requirements in NV:

For a quick divorce in Nevada, couples need to accomplish the residential requirements. As per Nevada divorce law, either of the couples must be a resident of the state for a minimum of 6 weeks before filing the divorce.

Legal Separation in NV:

If either of the spouses has any ground for divorce or if she/he has been abandoned for more than 90 days, a suit for separate maintenance can be filed without applying for divorce. Moreover, the spouses can agree for an instant separation. For spousal and child support appropriate provisions can be made. In this statue no residency requirement is specified.

Time involved:

Total time taken to get divorced in Nevada is very less. If all the legal forms and documents are in order then one needs to wait for a maximum of 2 weeks for the final hearing, after filing for divorce.

Divorce Meditation in NV:

In Nevada there are no legal provisions for divorce mediation.

How to get quick divorce in Nevada:

  • Create a written agreement on division of the property. To write this agreement neither of the spouses needs to reside in Nevada.
  • Either of the spouses will have to reside in Nevada for at least 6 weeks. This is the basic residential requirement of Nevada divorce law. You will also need to have a Nevada resident sign on an affidavit declaring that you had resided in Nevada.
  • You are required to obtain the divorce papers from the country courthouse. These papers should belong to the country where you resided in Nevada. A joint petition needs to be filed.
  • If you submit all your documents and papers in perfect order, you will get divorced within one to two weeks. No need to appear in the court.

Nevada also offers “do it yourself” divorce procedures. This process allows the couples to represent themselves during the proceedings. It is easy for those who knows about legal documentation and can meet specific statutory requirements.

Quick divorce in Nevada is favored by many couples as the legality involved, is very less. Couples with no property to divide and no children, can dissolve their marriage very easily in Nevada. For speedy results, couples can file for a joint petition.

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