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Quick divorce in Michigan

The decision of getting a divorce is not easy for most couples. But once it is decided, couples wants to be out of it as soon as possible. Quick divorce in Michigan can take almost two months or even more as the situation may be. This time period of getting divorced is comparatively less than other states.

The Michigan divorce laws are very strict. There are mandatory rules and regulations which are needed to be followed and met in order to get a legal separation.

Residency Requirements:

The basic requirement to file for a quick divorce in Michigan is to acquire the residency requirement. Any one of the spouses must have resided in the state of Michigan for a minimum period of 180 days before filing the divorce case. She/he must also be residing in the country for at least 10 days before the case is filed. These 10 days residency requirement is not required if the defendant is a citizen of a foreign country and there are minor children from the marriage.

Grounds for divorce in Michigan:

Michigan divorcing grounds includes no-fault divorce. In such type of a divorce the martial relationship breaks down without anyone’s fault. Both couples want to be out of their marriage and there is no chance of preservation of marriage.

Special divorce in Michigan:

In Michigan, simplified and officially approved forms are available for the divorce process. The officials Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Office Forms Book contain these forms. You can avail these forms from the Clerk of the Circuit Court in any Michigan county. Moreover, the Michigan Friend of the Court Bureau supply a pamphlet to each divorcing party discussing the court procedures, the availability of mediation, the rights and responsibilities of the parties, human services, and joint custody.

Divorce Mediation Requirements in Michigan:

The Michigan law makes effort to save the marriage before coming to any conclusion. As per Michigan divorce rights, there are programs like mediation and counseling arranged, wherein both the parties are asked to participate. The mediator or the counselor tries to mediate between the divorcing couples.

The counselor also tries to settle divorce related issues like property, alimony, child custody and child support. Main task of the mediator is to make aware the parties about the ill effects of divorce and how severely a child can get affected if involved.

Waiting period in Michigan:

Quick divorce in Michigan can be acquired after going through a “cooling off period”. If children are involved in your case then the waiting period will be of minimum six months. Court takes longer time to decide on children related issues like their custody and support. The cooling off period will be of only 60 days in case no children are involved in your case.

For an easy and quick divorce in Florida it is advised to go for a no-fault divorce which is uncontested. Out of court settlement is always better than going through the trials inside the court. If couples can agree on issues of their children then the waiting period also gets reduced. Try to make your divorce case simple through an agreement on contesting issues.

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