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Divorce Guide

Quick divorce in Maryland

It is always easy to get married but when it comes to divorce, it’s not the same. The rules and regulations of divorce are complicated and differ with the states. One must be very careful while selecting a state for divorce. Couples can go for a quick divorce in Maryland only if they qualify for it.

In Maryland, divorces can be “contested” (requires proof) or “uncontested” (based on separation for a year). If you want a quick divorce in Maryland it is recommended to go for an “uncontested” divorce.

Grounds for divorce in Maryland:

In Maryland, a permanent and final divorce is known as an “absolute divorce”. You must have strong grounds for divorce, before filing a case. These grounds are needed to be proved in the court for a divorce. The grounds for an absolute divorce in Maryland are:

No-Fault Divorce:

  • Mutual and voluntary separation for one year without any cohabitation or interruption and there is no possibility of reconciliation
  • Involuntary separation for two years without any interruption

General Divorce:

  • Cruelty
  • Adultery
  • Insanity (for a minimum period of 3 years)
  • Deliberate desertion
  • Vicious conduct, with no chance for reconciliation
  • Conviction of a felony with at least three years sentence and 1 year incarceration.

Residency requirements:

At least one of the spouses must have resided for one year in the state of Maryland before filing the divorce. This condition is applicable only for those whose grounds for divorce occurred outside the state of Maryland. Otherwise any one of the couples can file a divorce case. If the ground for divorce is insanity then the residency requirement increases to two years.

Limited divorce in Maryland:

The grounds for limited divorce or legal separation are cruel and inhuman treatment, willful desertion and living apart without cohabitation. The legal separation (limited divorce) can be permanent or temporary. A good-faith effort can be made by the couples to reconcile their differences.

Special divorce in Maryland:

In Maryland, summary divorces are not permitted. Couples may go for marital settlement agreements authorized by statue. This can also be used for corroboration of an applicant’s statement. Each party must file a Financial Statement Affidavit and a Joint Statement of Marital and Non-Marital Property. In a default condition divorce can be granted only on producing actual testimony of the plaintiff spouse.

Divorce mediation or counseling in Maryland:

In order to get a quick divorce in Maryland court suggests couples to go for a mediation process. It is an inexpensive affair and the time involved is also very less. If couples don’t reach to an agreement the mediators helps them in the process by giving their advice and suggestions.

Waiting Period:

In Maryland the waiting period for an uncontested divorce is around two to three months. But for a contested divorce there is no certain time period. It can take two to three years or even more. If everything is in settlement and there is nothing much to contest about couples should go for an uncontested divorce.

The law of Maryland offers many steps and options to get divorce. So it’s a bit confusing and complicated. For a quick divorce in Maryland, you can seek help of attorneys. They will guide you throughout the process to make your divorce easy and quick.

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