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Divorce Guide

Quick Divorce in Las Vegas

According to a survey, it has been found that around 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Divorce is never easy. There are different conditions under which couples decide to get divorced. The divorcing laws also vary with each state. Getting a quick divorce in Las Vegas is comparatively easy from a legal standpoint.

Las Vegas is quite popular for its divorces as well as weddings. Divorcing laws of this state is uncomplicated. If the divorcing parties are in mutual agreement on all issues related to their divorce, the process becomes more simple and quick.

The divorcing laws of Las Vegas are very liberal. Over here quick divorce can be acquired after only 6 weeks of residency. Attainment of residency is also easy.

Residency Requirements:

According to Las Vegas law, a divorce petitioner must be resident of Clark country for a minimum of six weeks to fulfill the residential requirement. Any person who is not a resident of Clark country cannot file for a quick divorce in Las Vegas.

Waiting Period:

Divorcing couple has to wait for a period of six weeks for the court’s hearing after filing their case. These six weeks are in addition to the period of residential requirement. In some states this is known as “cooling-off period”.

Property Guidelines:

Las Vegas is a community property state. In such a state any property acquired during marriage, both monetary and real, is divided equally between the filing parties. This applies to inheritance, to gambling winnings and any other property owned by the divorcing couples. This makes the prenuptial agreements null and void.


You can qualify for an annulment only if you have been married for a very short span of time. Actually divorce and annulment both are different matters. When divorce takes place it means that the marriage is over. But as per annulment, the marriage was never valid. Law looks at it as if the marriage had never occurred.

Court recognizes only the following reasons for annulments:

  • Incapable mental state
  • Being under legal age
  • Drunkenness
  • Misrepresentation by either party and
  • Being blood relatives

If the spouses agree that their marriage was a mistake then only a fast annulment can occur. As annulment considers marriage to be void or null so assets and properties are not an issue over here.

Documents and Filing:

Documentation and filing is the most important part of divorce. Any mistake can cost you in terms of money and time. So it is better to hire a lawyer for all these procedures. You can also go for divorce kits which are available in the courthouse.

For a quick divorce in Las Vegas all forms must be filled and filed as per the instructions of the court. Pertinent forms must be signed by the petitioner and needed to be notarized also. One original copy and three copies must be presented while filing. You also need to pay a filing fee of $147 with your documents.

To get a quick divorce in Las Vegas you just require meeting legal standards. Legal processes in this state are very efficient and fast.

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