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Divorce Guide

Quick divorce in Georgia

Termination of a marital union is known as divorce. It withdraws the legal duties and responsibilities and dissolves the matrimony bonds. The process of quick divorce in Georgia is similar to other states. One needs to acquire the residential requirements, file a petition and follow the states guideline for divorce.

Residency Requirements:

One of the spouses needs to be a resident of Georgia for a minimum of six months before filing a petition in the court. A nonresident can also file for a divorce in Georgia if the respondent had resided in the state for six months. In such a case filing of the divorce must be done in the country where the respondent resides.

Grounds for divorce in Georgia:

Depending on the issues in the divorce, couples can file for divorce either on fault grounds or no-fault grounds.

No-fault divorce: The only ground for a no-fault divorce in Georgia is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Fault divorce: Georgia divorce law allows for a fault based divorce. There are many conditions for such a type of divorce like mental incapacitation, force and fraud, desertion, imprisonment for two or more years, cruelty, drug addiction and impotency.

Uncontested divorce: In Georgia there are two ways to pursue such a divorce:

  • Both the parties are in complete agreement on all divorce related issues like child custody, child support, property distribution and alimony.
  • Default, it occurs if the respondent does not respond to the divorce petition.

Contested divorce: Such type of divorces is complex and lengthy. There are divorcing issues on which the parties donít agree and so their respective lawyers fight a case in the court regarding the claims.

Annulment: For an annulment in Georgia, the filing party must prove that their marriage was not true. Annulment occurs when court declares a marriage to be void or null. Only difficulty with annulment is that the grounds are very difficult to prove. Grounds for annulment are drunkenness, mental incapability, duress, impotency and bigamy.

How to get a quick divorce in Georgia:

  1. To get a quick divorce in Georgia, the divorce must be uncontested. You can go for such a divorce without a lawyer. First of all you need to find the appropriate forms needed to file in the local court. You can take online help also. Most of the online divorcing firms charge a small fee.
  2. Select the right form depending on your situation.
  3. Fill the form carefully. Any mistake will make you redo the entire process. You can take help from the websites.
  4. If children are involved in your case, fill out information regarding their custody and support. As you are undergoing uncontested divorce, so you will be having prior information about this.
  5. Once the forms are filled, get it printed, sign it and get it notarized.
  6. File the petition for divorce in your country court.
  7. If everything is in order, your divorce will get finalized within 35 to 40 days.

So you can get a quick divorce in Georgia within 1.5 to 2 months. If children are involved then it might take few more weeks for the decision to come. Whatever the case may be uncontested divorces are faster than the contested ones.

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