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Quick divorce in Florida

In Florida, “dissolution” is the official word for divorce. People often ask if a quick divorce in Florida is attainable. The answer is yes, only if either of the parties don’t want to make it difficult. To get a fast divorce, spouses have to meet the mandatory divorcing rules of the state.

Residency Requirements:

For dissolution of marriage, meeting with the residential requirements is inevitable. Either of the couples must be a resident of the state for 6 months or more prior to filing of divorce. Divorce can be filed either in the country where the couples last lived together before separating or in the country where the defendant resides.

Grounds for divorce in Florida:

General divorce: insanity for 3 or more years.

No-fault divorce: permanent breakdown of the marriage.

In a no-fault divorce neither of the couples needs to prove the wrongdoings of the other. Divorce can be granted on such a ground if spouses states that there are incompatibilities and irreconcilable differences between them which are permanent.

Regular Divorce in Florida:

Regular divorce process begins when either of the spouses files a petition with the circuit court of the state. The petition states that the marriage has irretrievably broken and other divorce related issues. Within 20 days (maximum) the other party must file an answer including the matters of petition on which the couples agree or disagree. The answering party can also raise its own issues.

Some spouses agree on divorcing issues like alimony, assets, child custody or child support before or after filing of the petition. A written agreement is then signed by both the parties. In such a case, quick divorce in Florida can occur.

In some cases, couples have differences over divorcing issues. At this time they are suggested to undergo a mediation process. Mediation provides assistance to the spouses so that they can reach to an agreement without a prolonged process. Its main purpose is to help divorcing couples in reaching to an appropriate solution.

If then also couples don’t agree then the final decision is taken by the judge on the contested issues.

Simple divorce in Florida:

Couples can acquire a quick divorce in Florida through a simplified procedure if they have the eligibility. These divorces are “do it yourself” divorce. Here it is not necessary to take services of an attorney. The couples are responsible for filing all documents and needs to appear in the court during the final dissolution.

“Do it yourself” divorce is for those couples who don’t have any disputed property or minor children. One needs to qualify for such a divorce. A couple can go for such a divorce only if:

  • Both of them agree for this type of divorce
  • Both parties want to end their marriage
  • They don’t have dependent children
  • The wife is not pregnant
  • Either of the couples have resided in Florida for 6 months
  • Out of court settlement is already done

In a simple divorce there is no trial or appeal. It is the best way to get a quick divorce in Florida. Couples can have full control over their case.

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