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Quick divorce in California

Couples can get a quick divorce in California, if they are in agreement that their marriage has come to an end and they want to get divorced. Spouses can file for a no-fault divorce to make the process faster. They can also get divorced within a very short period of six months, if they qualify to file a Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution in California.

Residential Requirements:

To fulfill the residential requirement for divorce in California, either of the couples must be a resident of the state at least for 6 months and a resident of the country for a minimum period of 3 months where the divorce is filed.

Grounds for divorce in California:

California is basically a no-fault divorce state, but there are situations when a contested divorce cannot be avoided.

No-fault divorce: Irremediable breakdown of the marriage due to irreconcilable differences.

General divorce: Permanent insanity.

Types of divorce in California:

Uncontested Divorce: For this form of dissolution both couples must agree on all terms and issues of divorce. It is the simplest form of divorce and gives quick results.

Contested Divorce: If couples cannot reach to an agreement on the elements of divorce then they must file for a contested divorce.

Special divorce: For a quick divorce in California, couples can request for a Summary Dissolution of Marriage. You can get the results in very less time and the associated expenses are also less. A petition for summary Dissolution can be filed if:

  • Spouses have met the residential requirements.
  • An irremediable breakdown of the marriage has occurred.
  • Couples are married for not more than 5 years.
  • No children from the marriage and should not have adopted any. Wife should not be pregnant.
  • No unpaid debts exceeding $5,000 and
  • The total value of the community property should not be more than $25,000.

Most important thing is that both the parties must agree for the Summary Dissolution of Marriage. They need to sign a joint petition for the same. Summary Dissolution provides a simple and fast divorce process. However, spousal support cannot be awarded to either of the spouses. If any of the party wants to stop the process of dissolution he/she can ask for it but before the decree gets finalized.

How to get a quick divorce in California:

  1. For a quick divorce in California, first you need to decide that in which country you will file your divorce. The residential requirements are mandatory.
  2. Find out if you qualify to file for a Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution (JPSD). All the conditions for JPSD are mentioned above.
  3. For Summary Dissolution prepare a Joint Petition. You can obtain all necessary forms from the California Courts self-help website. Both spouses must sign the petition.
  4. You must make several copies of the petition. File your petition with the clerk's office. The filing must be done in the county where at least one of you has resided for the past 3 months.
  5. After filing of petition, you need to wait for a period of six months.
  6. File a Request for Judgment, Notice of Entry of Judgment and Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. You are declared legally divorced when the court returns a copy of the judgment signed by the judge.

So, getting a quick divorce in California is not complicated. The divorce laws of the state provide many options of getting divorce. You just need to qualify for the particular type of divorce you want.

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