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Divorce Guide

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Divorce is a complicated legal process. It involves lots of paperwork. Filing a divorce petition is the first step in a divorce. Divorce petition includes different types of divorce papers and forms. Legal assistance becomes necessary when it comes to filing quick divorce forms.

These divorce forms or templates are the starting point. It can be downloaded from the State Government’s Judiciary website or can be obtained from a lawyer. Law firm’s websites can also be looked upon for these forms.

There are different forms for different cases. For example, if there is no issue of alimony in your case then the papers and forms will be different from those cases involving an issue of alimony. Consulting a lawyer is a good idea over here. He/she can guide you throughout the process of selecting and filling of quick divorce forms.

You need to be very cautious while filling the divorce form. Take advice of your lawyer. Single mistake in the form can cost you time as well as money. In case you are filling the form online or doing it by yourself, just follow the guidelines given below.

Filling quick divorce forms:

  • Get the right forms: Every state has its own forms for divorce not only this but the name of divorce forms is also different. Easy ways to get genuine forms is either you go for online forms or collect it from the court.
  • Read instructions carefully: The sites from which you obtain divorce forms also provide instructions needed to fill the form. Being a legal paper it must be filled carefully or else the court may reject it.
  • Understand terms: As you are filling the form, so you are the plaintiff and your spouse is the defendant. In some states you will be the petitioner and your spouse the respondent.
  • Fill out the headings: Court uses this information for its filing system. Fill out headings in all pages of the form. The pages can be properly returned to the file, in case they get separated.
  • Answer the questions: In forms there are many questions asked to the petitioner. These questions are asked for assistance in the case. Answer the questions carefully in order to make your part clear like why do you want a divorce etc.
  • Complete the declaration: You must sign the declaration form. This declares that your documents are true to the best of your knowledge. Any form without declaration will not be accepted by the court.
  • File the forms: File your forms with the family court.

In an uncontested divorce, online filling of divorce form is a viable option. In this case most of the issues had already been sorted out and the complications are less. It also saves lawyer’s fees and you will have full control over your case.

The most important phase in filing a divorce petition is filling quick divorce forms. Many websites and law firms are there to help you in filling these forms. But to be on the safer side you can always consult an attorney.

Divorce Guide

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