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There are occasions when couples decide to depart their path of life. They want to end their marriage by getting divorced. The decision of taking divorce may take few minutes but the whole divorce procedure is quite long. So to save time and divorce related expenses, couples can go for quick divorce.

Divorce involves many legal requirements and formalities. It may take almost 3 to 6 months for the whole procedure to come into play after filing for divorce petition. If you are going for a contested divorce, this may worsen the situation. So if you want to get rid of all these turmoil try to go for a quick divorce.

This is a fast and economical way of getting divorce. Quick divorce is possible only with consent of both the parties. Here are few tips to speed up the divorce process.

Tips on quick divorce:

  • Make sure that the couples are in agreement on divorce related issues like assets or policies. Make a legal agreement with provisions on which the couples should agree.
  • If children are involved, clear out who will take their custody or what will be the visiting time period etc.
  • Necessary paperwork should be done. Your written and notarized statements, proof of income and financial statements, all should be in order and produced when court asks for it.

There are some states where you can get a quick and easy divorce if you don’t have any issues regarding property or children. Such type of divorce is called “No-fault” divorce. In this case none of the parties are at fault. Couples go for a divorce with mutual understanding without contesting on any issue. This is the fastest type of divorce, spouses can get.

Travelling to another state to get a divorce is very common in US. Divorce is granted in a day in Dominican Republic. Couples have to plea for divorce and appear in the Dominican Republic court. And within 15 days, the final divorce decree reaches to the couples. This is all that they need to do to get a divorce. As per the current Guam law, non residents of Guam can also easily get quick divorce after fulfilling few conditions. Nevada, Haiti and California are few other states that offer quick divorce.

Merits of quick divorce:

  • Reduced domestic violence
  • Reduced legal frictions
  • Fast and easy
  • Relief from the painful process
  • Reduces negative effect on children
  • Save a lot of money

It is not necessary to hire a lawyer always for a quick divorce. A number of firms offer online divorce services for couples undergoing uncontested or no-fault divorce. They provide online forms along with the instructions to fill it. They also provide advices on divorce related issues. In this way you can have full control over your case. In case you are absolutely unaware of legal proceedings, then its best to hire an attorney.

If you are going for a quick divorce remember to keep all your agreement papers and documents in order. Any mistake in these documents will cost you in terms of both time and money.

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