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Advice On Getting Quick Divorce

There are occasions when you need a divorce immediately. At times the marital discord becomes so ugly that you canít wait divorcing your spouse. This article will provide you with advice on quick divorce.

Jim was really upset when he came to know that his wife Maria is having an affair with someone else. Jim had forgiven Maria once before for the same mistake. He could not control his emotions this time. Jimís life was shattered and he wanted to come out of the marriage as soon as possible. But poor Jim, he neither had the energy nor the time to fight tedious divorce case. The situation that Jim is facing is faced by many people.

A normal divorce procedure in US takes nearly 3-6 months after the divorce petition is filed in the court. Although it may vary from state to state, 3 months can be considered as average time period for obtaining divorce. The duration of the divorce case also depends on its complexity. If the couple disagrees about a lot of issues then the case will go on till they settle down to an agreement. Contested cases can go on for years. Thus the duration of the case also depends on the coupleís willingness to finish the case on time.

Steps To Ensure Quick Divorce:
  • Mutual Agreement: If the couple does not want to prolong the case in the court of law then they should get into financial and other settlements before they approach the court with divorce petition. This will reduce the time spent on numerous trials..

  • Mediation: Mediation is a quick and easy method for out of court settlement of divorce. Here the couple gets the divorce done in front of a neutral arbitrator. No trial takes place in the court as the couple agrees on all the issues.

  • No-Fault Divorce: Filing a noĖfault divorce keeps the either party free of any blames for divorce and thus expedites the divorce process.

  • Online Divorce: There are a number of companies that offer online divorce services for uncontested divorce. The companies manage all the paperwork and litigation involved in divorce. Some companies also give guarantee in terms of making the process quick.

  • Changing State: In US, travelling to another state for getting divorce is a common thing. However divorce granted in other states is only valid when both the parties give consent to divorce. There are states like Dominican Republic, Guam, Haiti, and Nevada that offer quick divorce.

    In Dominican Republic divorce can be granted within 1 day. Either spouse can visit the state to file the petition along with the power of attorney duly signed by both the parties. Next day the documents can be submitted in the court, and judge will grant the final divorce after reviewing the documents. Within 15 days the divorce decree is couriered to both the spouses.

    Similarly the Guam government takes only 2 days to sanction divorce. The divorce decree given by Guam government is recognized in other states of US too. Thus when both the parties give their consent to divorce and in a hurry to part then they have the option of travelling to these states and get the divorce.
The above is a set of advice to get quick divorce. These tips will help them plan their divorce better so that divorce comes quick. Even if they do not get the opportunity to plan the divorce they can expedite the process by using the above-mentioned tips.

However, couples who are impatient to get divorce should not forget the essential tasks to be completed before divorce is pronounced because once the decree is signed no decision can be changed.

Checklist Of Important Tasks Before Quick Divorce:
  • Close your bank accounts that are in joint name with your spouse
  • Freeze the credit cards where he or she is the secondary user
  • Get your spouseís name removed from the pension plan and insurance policies if you do not want him or her to be a beneficiary
  • Do a quick financial projection of your future needs so that you have an idea what financial support do you want after divorce
  • If you are the one who has to leave the house then plan your future residence
Fulfilling these tasks is important before securing divorce so that you do not regret later for absence of any financial security. Finally, you should remember that although a standard divorce process takes long to end, but there are ways to get quick divorce. Our advice for quick divorce is to go for it when there is nothing much to contest about.

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