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The common belief is that divorce is not possible without the help of a lawyer. Divorce is a completely legal matter and if you are going to court for divorce then it is implied that you will hire a lawyer. However, this is not true completely as you can carry on the divorce procedure without the involvement of a lawyer also. This type of divorce is known as pro se divorce.

In a pro se divorce you represent yourself as your lawyer in the court of law. Basically you fight your own divorce case. It means self-representation in the court. Pro se divorce is allowed by law in every state of USA. Pro se divorce is also known as do-it-yourself divorce.

Pro se divorce is preferred by many couples because it is cheap, easy and saves time. Let’s see the advantages of fighting the divorce without the help of a lawyer.

Benefits Of Pro Se Divorce:
  • By doing away with a lawyer to fight your divorce, you save lot of money as lawyer’s fees. With the cost of lawyer skyrocketing in the present times many couples prefer to fight the divorce case on their own.
  • The time and effort you spend in looking for a dependable lawyer is saved if you opt for a pro se divorce. Even after your efforts and huge fee you cannot be sure of getting a good lawyer.
  • It takes lot of time and effort in explaining the case to the lawyer. Moreover, if your comfort level is not okay with your lawyer then you will not be able to share all the details of your case.
  • No one can understand the intricacies of your case, so you are the best person to put forward your own defense and allegations.
Although pro se divorce has many benefits, it is advisable to go for such divorce only if the case does not involve contested issues. If your divorce has disputed issues like child custody or division of property then it is better to hire a lawyer.

If you are opting for a pro se divorce then you should prepare yourself well for playing the role of a lawyer.

Guidelines For Being Pro Se Litigant:
  • Have proper information about your state laws and other litigations related to divorce. You can make a mockery of yourself in the court if you are not aware of some clause or have wrong or incomplete information about any law.
  • Maintain your composure and calm during the court proceedings as a lawyer would have done. If you are not able to answer to the queries of the judge then you can ask for more time.
  • You can seek assistance from a professional divorce service that can guide you with pro se divorce and provide all the necessary materials to fight your case. Pro se assistance services offer full support by providing necessary forms for petition and other divorce procedures. They guide the contestant about state laws related to divorce.
Do-it-yourself or pro se divorce is a good idea if you can prepare yourself well to represent your case in the court. However, it is advisable to hire an attorney if the case is complicated.

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