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Divorce Guide

Pre-Divorce Advice

Pre divorce advice
is a must after you have taken the final decision to file for divorce. It is very important to know the facts related to divorce before you approach the court of law.

You have spent enough time and effort trying to improve your marital relationship, but in vain. After getting counseled from family, friends, and professional marriage counselor you still feel that this relationship is not favorable for you. You have taken the final call to end the relationship. Now you also have to make yourself ready with the implications of divorce. There is a lot of homework required before you finally visit an attorney and initiate the process.

You should try to seek pre divorce advice from as many sources as possible. Some of the best sources are internet, books, friends and family members who have been in similar situation, or your attorney.

Before you communicate the decision of separation, you must make up your mind about the following issues:
  • In case you have children, do you want to fight for their custody?
  • How are you going to communicate about divorce to your children?
  • How will you tell about your decision to your partner?
  • Where do you want to stay after divorce?
  • Will you contribute to the financial liability of bringing up the children?
  • Do you want to contribute in any other financial liability? For example, you might have bought a house in joint name and paying the loan amount together. Do you still want to keep paying and retain your claim to the house?
  • Do you want a share in the family asset/property?
  • If your spouse is a business partner, do you still want to continue the partnership
  • Are you keen on fighting for alimony?
You have to be mentally prepared for handling the above-mentioned issues. Because, once you visit your attorney to discuss divorce you will be confronted with a similar set of questions. In fact the divorce proceedings and its final outcome depend on your decision related to the above questions. However, please do not limit yourself to the issues mentioned above. This just gives you an idea on what all to think before you file divorce. Your pre- divorce advice should be more comprehensive.

The pre- divorce planning is not only limited to thinking about post divorce situation. It involves a lot of action on your part too. To make sure that your divorce proceedings go smooth you must take care of a few important things.

Checklist For Pre Divorce Preparation:
  • Close any bank accounts that you have in joint name. Alternatively, you can take out certain amount of share and then withdraw your name from the account.
  • Cancel the credit cards in which your spouse is a supplementary user.
  • If you donít want your spouse to be a beneficiary of your insurance money, take care to remove his or her name from the records.
  • Protect your personal property like jewelry, cash, and other assets. If you feel unsafe about keeping them with you then keep it with someone trustworthy.
  • Try to look for a good attorney. A lot depends on the competence of the lawyer. Especially, if you feel that the case is going to be complicated, then look for a trustworthy and competent lawyer.
Divorce results in a lot of emotional turbulence. Itís difficult for us to balance between emotional and practical matters. But, we cannot ignore even the smallest issue and leave it on chance. We have to consider every major and minor financial implication that divorce will have on us. Thus, by acquiring comprehensive pre-divorce advice we can benefit in long term.

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