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Fighting the divorce case leaves you with little life and energy. Thought of dating and making new relationships do not please you. However the advice regarding dating after divorce is to start as soon as possible and have full confidence on yourself. Life is made up of good and bad events, and we should try to forget divorce as a bad phase in life.

Dating seems a distant thought if you have recently separated form your ex. Divorce generally leaves people in low spirits and decreased confidence. Letís take the example of Maria, a sales representative in a pharmaceutical company. Maria was happily married for 8 years till she discovered that her husband wants to leave her for another lady. She was devastated and lost confidence in herself to carry a relationship. Till a year after divorce Maria kept herself busy in establishing herself financially and set up another home for herself.

As time passed by, Maria came back to normal life and started feeling the need of a companion. Many a times, her customers showed special interest and wanted to know more about her, but the thought of getting emotionally close to someone reminded her of the past. Maria felt she would not be able to date again and get emotionally involved with someone.

This is the mental condition or rather dilemma that most of the divorcees face after separation. These negative feelings should be done away with, as soon as possible. Our dating advice after divorce is to encourage you to meet someone special with a new lease of life.

Here are few tips for post divorce dating. These will increase your confidence and also help you to have a good dating experience.

Post Divorce Dating Advice:
  • Physical beauty is the first thing that strikes human beings. So please stay fit and maintain a good health. There is no age to maintain a youthful look. Maintaining looks is applicable for both men and women.

  • Think before you date. Are you dating just for the sake of it or do you actually want a companion? Dating with useless people might force you into a situation where you end up marrying an unsuitable person and regret later.

  • Try to sound positive. As we know positive attracts and negative repels. If you are sad and regretful about your divorce and always complaining about your past, your date might stop taking enough interest in you. Do not mingle your past with your present. Maintain a cheerful mood and talk about good things.

  • Donít just fall for the person because he is unlike your ex. While dating you need to assess your partner, whether he or she is worth marrying. Try to see whether the person is financially established, willing to adopt your child, suits your tendency and temperament, and not questioning too much about your past. Please ensure that the person is not marrying you for money and has genuine feelings for you.

  • Never compare your date with your ex-spouse. Two individuals are different and it would be wrong to find similarities among them. Although if your date has similar traits to that of your ex, not necessarily he or she will be same.

  • Do not disclose about your new date to your children until you are sure that he or she is the right person for you. Your children might feel jealous and unsecured of your new relationship. However, it is advisable to let the children and your date meet a few times so that they build a rapport with each other.
Dating is a good way to gain back the lost confidence after divorce. However, dating should not necessarily culminate in marriage. You should use your prudence before getting into another relationship so that you do not face heartbreak again. Dating related advice after divorce recommends divorcees to go for new relationships but only, if it is carefully thought over.

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