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Post divorce advice basically helps you in re-establishing your life. The divorce proceedings are over and the court has finally granted divorce. Most of you are bound to be emotionally upset, and financially unsecured. But dear friend you have to muster courage and start it all afresh. The emotional, social, and financial dependency is over, and you have to start it all from scratch.

Itís a good idea to visit a professional divorce counselor who can guide you towards a better life. A professional counselor will help you forget the ups and downs of your marriage and suggest meaningful ways to come out of your past. Until and unless you come out of the trauma your life will not move on. So try to forget about your divorce as soon as possible. But do not forget the financial implications involved with it.

When you are in a state of emotional disturbance, thoughts of financial insecurity does not come easily to you. Thus, it is important that you seek some post divorce advice through internet, family, friends, or a professional advisor. The after divorce checklist will remind you of certain very important things that you might regret later.

Your Post Divorce Checklist

Change your surname:
If you acquired the title of your spouse after marriage, change it back to the original one. This is a legal procedure, but very important in order to show the world that you are once again unmarried.

Communicate the Change: It is advisable that you notify about the change in your surname to bank, insurance company, in passport, and so on. You should also announce your new name among your family and friends.

Check the Alimony Details: It is very important that you understand the clause related to alimony in detail. At what intervals are you going to get the alimony and what will be the mode of payment are important details that should not be missed. Also, you must verify after a certain period whether you are actually receiving the alimony money or not. In case you have to pay the alimony, arrange the mode of payment.

Close Joint Accounts: Although itís implied that you have closed, or withdrawn your name from joint accounts in the pre divorce stage itself. But, if you have not done this earlier please deactivate any joint account that you have in both of your names.

Withdraw Name From Joint Assets: If an asset is under both of your names, make sure that it is no more under your joint names. This is applicable for any asset like car, house, business, or bonds.

Read the Post Divorce Papers Carefully: Although your attorney will explain you everything, but make sure that you go through the papers yourself and seek any clarifications that you have. Itís going to be a sad situation if you accept any clause without understanding it and then regret later.

Draft a Financial Plan: financial planning is very important specially if you are a single parent with the liability of bringing up your children. You must decide how much money you need and at what point of time. A good financial planning will not let you feel the pinch of a single parent.

Buy New Insurance: If your insurance policy is cancelled after divorce because it was in both of your names, then get a new insurance policy for yourself. Staying without insurance is not wise.

The above mentioned points are a few examples of the issues that you must take care of post divorce.

Emotional imbalance is the biggest problem to deal with after getting divorced. But we cannot ignore the practical issues which are of larger implication. Thus an expertís post divorce advice is recommended. It helps you to take better charge of your life, and establish your financial hold once again.

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