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Online divorce services are on a rise. Most people prefer do-it-yourself divorce. This article provides advice on online divorce. Online divorce is a preferred way of getting divorce if the couple does not have much to fight about. Online divorce services are more used for uncontested divorce.

An online divorce service provides all the services that you will otherwise buy from the lawyer. Starting from filing the petition form to getting a trial date fixed in the court, online divorce services do it all for you. This is also known as Do-It-Yourself divorce because you can do it on your own pace. There is no requirement to have sittings with your lawyer and talk about each and every intricacy of your relationship.

Couples prefer online divorce when most of the issues are uncontested among them. Whether it is division of property, or child custody, if the couple agrees with each other on these sensitive issues, then going for an online service is the best way to seek divorce.

Online divorce offers many benefits as compared to doing it the conventional way.

Benefits Offered By Online Divorce Facility:
  • Online divorce services allow you to do it at your own speed and convenience. You can download the form even at the midnight, and take as much time as you want to fill up the form.
  • Online divorce is an economical way of obtaining divorce. If you do it through an attorney, the case goes on for a long time adding to attorney’s fee and other overhead expenses. On the contrary, in online divorce services, the payment is one time even if the case takes a long time to finish.
  • Online divorce saves a lot of time because you do not need to travel to court and meet your attorney. Most of the business is done online.
  • Online divorce is fast, as a huge team of people are taking care of your divorce proceedings and trying to finish off the case soon.
  • You might feel uncomfortable discussing the personal issues of your relationship with the attorney. In an online divorce, you need to fill all the details in the online forms and save the embarrassment of discussing marital problems face to face with someone.
  • Online divorce services offer full support in terms of customer support. Most of the services have 24x7 customer service in order to answer client’s query.
Keeping the above benefits in mind it is advisable to opt for online divorce service if you feel that both the parties want to settle the divorce amicably.

However, the most important advice for online divorce is to select the service that is proficient and performance oriented. You must keep in mind a few standards before selecting the online divorce provider.

Key To Select A Good Online Divorce Service:
  • Choose a reputed online service. Try to find out the credentials by looking at its website and reading about the kind of cases it has handled successfully. Also try to get "word of mouth" reference.
  • If your divorce is a special case, for example: one spouse being military personnel, then check whether the service provider has the expertise to deal with such kind of special case.
  • The company should be well versed with your state laws. You should be able to download the current version of the form specific to your state.
  • Check whether the company has some hidden costs that you are not able to find out initially. Ask clearly how much do you need to pay and whether there are some extra or special charges required to be paid in future.
  • Many companies have lots of reference material that help filling up the form and also impart laws related to divorce in general. It would be good if you can find a company that provides full support in completing the paperwork.
  • The company should provide a service guarantee in terms of time and performance. They should provide a deadline for finishing the case and also the guarantee of successful completion. Many companies also offer money back guarantee.
Based on the above criteria you can select a good company that can handle the online divorce for you. Probably, you will find it difficult to handle the case without an attorney’s help. If you feel that the company is not providing you with the required support and information, then you must consider withdrawing your money and looking for another online divorce service. However, our advice on online divorce is to use it only if you think that your divorce is going to be less complicated.

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