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No Fault Divorce Forms

No fault divorce forms are helpful legal documents that need to be filled in if a person wishes to file for divorce on the grounds of “no-fault”. These forms for “no fault divorce” are easily available online or can also be obtained from the clerk at a state’s family court.

When to search for no fault divorce forms?

If a person wishes to apply for divorce on the grounds of “no-fault”, and does not wish to involve the attorney and hence, save the attorney fees, he can simply download the no-fault divorce forms that are easily available on the internet. In such DIY no-fault divorce situations, it is advisable to search for these forms. One has to be careful in selecting the state to which one belongs to while downloading the forms.

What do no-fault divorce forms have?
  • No-fault divorce forms mostly contain background information and all “to-be filled in” instructions that can be filed in the court as an uncontested divorce or no-fault divorce.
  • No fault divorce forms have columns explaining how the spouses wish to divide their property and get over debts after the divorce so that no clause I left untouched. This is to ensure that all the money, asset; children related issues are well settled before they wish to file for divorce.
  • The forms for no-fault divorce seek courts to dissolve the marriage between the parties, summing up the reasons why they wish to obtain the divorce.
  • Before filling up the no-fault divorce forms, the partners must ensure that they have been separated from each other for a minimum stipulated period of time as mentioned in the no fault divorce laws of the state that they belong to.
  • In the no-fault divorce forms, both the signatures of the spouses must be present so that the court is sure that it is through the consent of each spouse that the divorce is being filed.
No fault divorce forms abound in the internet. One must be however, cautious while downloading the form making it certain that the instructions are not incorrect and are up-to-date and the latest.

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