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Nevada No Fault Divorce

According to NV no-fault divorce laws, one can get divorce only on the basis of no-fault grounds in the state of Nevada. While filing for divorce, on e can state that there is “incompatibility between the spouses which has “irretrievably broken down the marriage. The other grounds of divorce can be that the couple has been living separately for a year without cohabitation or that the other spouse has been insane for the last two years prior to filing of divorce.

Residential requirements in NV no-fault divorce

No-fault divorce laws in Nevada state that one o the spouses must be a resident of the state for at least 6 weeks prior of filing the divorce. One can file for divorce in the county that either of the spouses resides in the state of Nevada or in the county where the grounds of divorce arose.

Waiting period in NV no-fault divorce

There is no waiting period in Nevada. After filing for divorce, one has to wait for a maximum of two weeks which would be the time for the final hearing if all the papers are in perfect order.

Child custody in NV no-fault divorce

The entire procedure of no-fault divorce is faster if there are no minor children involved. But in case of the presence of minor children, spouses are known to settle the matter of child custody outside the court with the help of custody mediation. This helps in quickening the process of divorce as the parties have to just attach a visitation schedule and a sound parenting plan while filing for divorce. Courts also try to determine that there are no adopted children and that the wife is not pregnant. This is to ensure no future disputes arising out of the broken marriage. If there is an existence of these cases, then courts would ask for written arrangements for adopted children or the custody of the child. If the parents are unable to reach an agreement regarding the matter of child custody, then the courts could intervene. Child custody would be based on the principles of custody guidelines as specified for the state of Nevada. The primary concern is the welfare, security and “best interests of the child”.

Property division in NV no-fault divorce

In most of the no-fault divorce cases, both the spouses generally agree to settle the matter of property division outside the marriage. If they are unable to do so, then courts would intervene. Nevada is a “community property state” which means that all the property which was acquired by the spouses during the course of the marriage would be split up into two, 50/50. The property which is jointly owned by the spouses would be disposed off by the court and the monetary conversion would be split into two and allocated to the spouses. If a spouse was found to have disposed off his/her individual property to get hold of the jointly owned one, then the courts would ensure that he/she gets the reimbursement of that property.

Name change of wife in NV no-fault divorce

In the state of Nevada, courts would automatically change the name of the wife o her maiden name after the divorce procedure is over.

One can proceed with DIY divorce if the divorce is an “uncontested” one where all the critical matters such as spousal support, child custody, property division etc are settled “outside the court”. Hence, this procedure for divorce can be completed in a much quicker way. However, if there are disputes involved, then it is wiser to approach an attorney who can guide you well regarding all the divorce laws.

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