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No Contest Divorce

Most of the couples make divorce an ego issue. They are determined to fight for non trivial things just in order to satisfy their own ego. A divorce that is contested over issues like child custody, alimony, or property division is called contested divorce. The extreme opposite of contested divorce is no contest divorce, also known as uncontested divorce. In a no contest divorce the couples have a mutual agreement about various issues involved in their divorce. In uncontested divorce the role of the court is only to legalize the divorce or issue the divorce decree.

Five Great Reasons For No Contest Divorce:
  1. It is economical: Uncontested divorce is quite economical because you save a lot of money spent on attorney fees. If your divorce is contested and the case tricky then you will need a specialized lawyer who will charge heaps of money. On the other hand an uncontested divorce can be fought with the help of a simple attorney, or a family lawyer who will assist you at a much lower cost. Also, a contested divorce takes long to finish and the couples end up incurring huge overhead costs.

  2. It is quick: Much of the divorce problems in a no contested divorce are solved among the couples outside the court. When couples reach the court for divorce they have already agreed on all the issues mutually. Thus an uncontested divorce does not take as much time to finish as a contested divorce does.

  3. It is simple: For couples who have less to divide or fight about, a no contested divorce is the simplest way to end the marriage. In many cases the couples do not even need to visit the court. The attorney gets the divorce decree for them from the court.

  4. It is less painful: Divorce is a painful process. By contesting over various issues you will add fuel to the fire. Once you have taken the decision for divorce the best option is to get over it quickly and move on to start a new life.

  5. Children are less affected: In a contested divorce the couple is always fighting over one issue or another. The relationship and the atmosphere at home is strained till things settle down. Children get badly affected to see their parents fight. Thy feel insecure and develop negative thoughts. An uncontested divorce will not make the situation as worse as a contested divorce.
A no contest divorce is very simple. After both of you make up your mind about separation you can sit together and make a financial plan about how to divide marital property, who will pay alimony to whom, and so on.
One of you has to take the child custody and the other will get visitation rights. As parents you are the best judge as to who can be a better guardian for the kids. This is one issue you should not let your ego interfere and think about your child’s interest. The spouse who does not take child custody can pay child support for raising the kid.

After you reach an understanding about all the crucial issues then you have two options. You can hire a moderate costing attorney and initiate the divorce proceedings through him. Otherwise you can use online divorce services to do the divorce yourself. Both ways are okay, but in case you are novice and have no clue about divorce proceedings its best to hire a lawyer.

Many states in USA have a time gap of 2-3 months before they grant divorce. Once the divorce papers are submitted to your county’s family court the divorce proceedings begin and within a few days the court grants the divorce decree. An uncontested divorce is a no trial divorce so you need not visit the court for interrogation.

A no contest divorce is the best if you do not have much at stake. A popular belief is that an uncontested divorce is for celebrities and millionaires who have lot at stake and want to be in limelight by making their divorce case news.

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